6 signs that parting with the ex was the right decision (do not regret it)

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and doubt.

It is undeniable that breaking relationships is always very difficult. And although this is not easy to admit, sometimes people will be better off without each other than together.

To be in a relationship, you need more than just being in love. That is why sometimes parting becomes the only cure. If two people are no longer comfortable together, there is no reason to keep yourself in a relationship cell where happiness becomes almost unattainable.

While after the break you will feel empty, and this is natural, after some time you need to look soberly back and understand – maybe it was for the best, and it’s time to stop regretting your break with your ex.

  1. You gave her much more than she gave you

You made a lot of efforts to build your relationship and continued to give, not receiving anything in return. When you are in love, you may not at first feel discomfort from such a state of affairs, but at a long distance it is a burden to drag relationships alone.

If your ex was not as interested in maintaining your love as you are, then you were not a team – and this is precisely the guarantee of a strong and viable union.

  1. You have ceased to be yourself

Changing for the sake of a beloved is normal, especially when it comes to giving up bad habits that you yourself began to strain, or about acquiring some new cool hobby.

But if all you did during the relationship was constantly stepping on your throat with all your desires to please the girl’s requirements and even started to be afraid to ask permission to spend time the way you want, then now is the time to rejoice – in such an arbitrary relationship, you could eventually lose yourself altogether and now you can finally breathe freely.

  1. It all ended in betrayal

Whether it is betrayal or constant deception – do not let such an experience make you stop believing in people or hope that this does not happen again if you return your ex. It will be more beneficial for your mental health to rejoice in the end of your relationship with someone who did not value you and whom you could not trust.

  1. Your communication was toxic

Communication is the key to any relationship, and no love can flourish with the constant passive aggression of one or both partners, unwillingness to speak openly with each other, discuss problems, listen to the other. Take a look back and analyze your mistakes from the side.

Believe me, relationships built on mutual respect, established communication, concrete agreements, trust and support are much more pleasant and healthier – maybe you should try and compare so that the last doubts disappear?

  1. Your girlfriend was not ready to change

It is worth mentioning that I am in no way about appearance, not about its features or interests. Everyone has the right to be what he likes to be.

I’m talking about situations where a partner constantly offends you with something, despite the fact that you have repeatedly asked her not to do this again. Partners should openly talk about their discomfort and listen to each other, showing respect for other people’s feelings.

Working on your psychological problems, character flaws, growing and developing over time is the right trend for both partners. How important it is to be in love, it is just as important to work on yourself individually for the sake of relationships. And if the girl was not ready to do this for the sake of your union, you will probably be better apart.

  1. You and the girl have different goals

There was a “spark” between you, communication was cool, sex was amazing and spending time together was great and pleasant. However, there was a big and all spoiling “but” – your long-term goals were absolutely opposite.

Perhaps you wanted to live in different places, saw the development of your relationship in different ways, or wanted incompatible things (for example, if one of you dreamed about a child and the other was childfree). With any of these critical mismatches, parting is the right step. Better sooner than later, and both of you will be more comfortable with those who share your aspirations.

By Cindy
April 19, 2020

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