This is much cooler than it sounds.

Almost every one of us has had a situation where at some point you start to hang out with the three of you – you, your bro and his girlfriend (or your girlfriend and her boyfriend – why not).

And there is a widespread belief that the “third wheel” in a pair should feel awkward or insecure because of this. What nonsense! Here are eight proofs that you are actually in a very good position and you can enjoy a bunch of benefits.

  1. Your food is only yours (and other things too)

“Sharing means taking care” – this rule works for couples, but not for the “third wheel”. While lovers constantly share with each other not only every moment, but also food, you have the right to enjoy all the pleasures in life to the fullest without sharing your chocolate bar or fried potatoes with someone else, unless, of course, yourself do not want to.

  1. It is immediately clear to the girls around that you are a single

You don’t need to think about an unobtrusive way to inform a pretty girl at a nearby table that you are open to any options: when you are alone with a couple of lovers, this is usually immediately clear.

  1. You can learn from friends mistakes

Spending a lot of time with the couple, especially if these are your best friends, you are likely to witness their ups and downs. And this is actually a plus. Reading advice on the Internet is one thing, but by clearly observing the reasons for their quarrels and grievances, you are likely to draw conclusions and not repeat the same mistakes with your future girlfriend.

  1. You will learn to love yourself

You are temporarily alone, and now is the time to learn to love yourself, without waiting for others to appreciate you. Praised yourself for everything that you think you are doing well (from the ability to dress stylishly to an interesting post on Facebook). Self-love will certainly make you more attractive.

People love confidence and are attracted to those who radiate it. Therefore, the next time you go somewhere together, instead of worrying about the fact that you do not have a couple, think about how cool you are – you will see, the evening after that will be much more pleasant!

  1. You will have more friends

Two friends are always better than one, and communicating with a couple means that both sides are likely to be friends with you. This is not bad at all, because they both become people who are ready to provide you emotional support, give advice, and with whom it is interesting. You can just be yourself with them, without straining and not bothering, because they are your friends. Isn’t it cool?

  1. You will learn to give careful advice.

Let’s face it: the relationship is not as perfect as in the movies, and sometimes the task of saving the union lies on the shoulders of the “third wheel” (this is unfair, but sometimes it really happens).

When both sides come to you with their problems, they usually expect some kind of feedback. And expressing your opinion, you take on a pretty big responsibility. Therefore, instead of saying specifically what to say and do, you will finally learn how to give more ethical advice. For example, to go together to a psychotherapist, who in any case will give more qualified advice than you, to listen to yourself, not be afraid to tell your partner directly about your discomfort, respect another, talk more often.

  1. And patience and calm

Listening to the stories of both parties and their complaints against each other will certainly test your patience for strength, and more than once. But this skill will certainly teach you how to calm down when you face similar dilemmas in the future.

You will learn to listen, without interrupting, the other side, until she finishes her soliloquy – and believe me, this ability is sometimes useful not only in romantic relationships.

  1. You will save your money

Go to lunch, dinner or even a movie? No problem. You don’t need to worry about being generous or a gentleman. Every time you go somewhere as a “third wheel”, you have to pay only for yourself.

By Cindy
April 18, 2020

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