Let’s see why this happens.

We all have different preferences, and no matter how hard it is to put up with it, but you cannot be attractive to all the girls without exception, even if you are a teddy bear, cat or ice cream cone.

But what if it seems that no one likes you at all? Just imagine: you registered in the application for dating, swiped a bunch of girls to the right, but no matter how much you wait, there is no response sympathy.

Falling into despair is definitely not worth it, for sure the reason is in one of the errors listed below and, eliminating it, you will very soon get a coincidence and get acquainted with a cool girl.

  1. You do not have a photo

One of the most obvious reasons. Yes, it is unfair that we are chosen according to how we look, but this is the main principle of dating applications. After all, you yourself select the girls you like by this parameter.

Therefore, if your avatar has a white spot, don’t be surprised when you write “Hello” to strangers and you don’t get an answer. Yes, and like a blank screen is somehow strange, do not you?

  1. It is not your photo

Yes, I agree, Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hardy are beautiful, but is it worth putting their photos instead of yours on the profile picture? Just like a meme, no matter how funny and funny it may be.

There are lots of ways to demonstrate a cool sense of humor to a girl, but save them before starting a conversation in PM. And at the stage of choice – give her the opportunity to see you.

  1. Your face is hard to see

Not every guy is ready to spend time and money on a professional photo shoot in the name of online dating, but this is not necessary. It is enough to follow the simple rules for images on such platforms.

If your face cannot be seen in the photo due to the terrible quality, poor lighting, sunglasses or a hat, then the chance of a like is drastically reduced. Therefore, carefully approach the choice of the main photo profile.

  1. There are other people in the photo

If you intend to meet exclusively with a girl with psychic abilities, then feel free to ignore this point. In all other cases, do not put on the main (and only) photo the one in which you are in the company of friends. How does a stranger understand which one of you wants to meet her?

As for the photos in which you are with the girls … Even the signature “this is my sister / cousin / desk neighbor at the university” does not help – such profiles, although not always, often swipe to the left. So leave them for insta and other social networks, and find something else for the dating application.

  1. You have too many status photos

It’s great if you have a car, a good salary and sushi you eat only in the most expensive restaurants. But it’s not worth doing an emphasis on all this and filling out the profile with photos in the style of “life was a success”. The fact is that instead of attracting girls, they usually scare them away.

Looking at such a profile, two thoughts arise: this guy wants to buy me and treats me like a thing; he is trying to create the illusion of success and is lying. Of course, someone may like this positioning, but then do not complain if you get the appropriate attitude and requests from a girl who sympathizes with you.

  1. The profile is a “bearded” or greasy joke

Everyone has a different sense of humor, but dislike for cliches and hackneyed visits is a fairly common phenomenon. Any hints about the impressive size of your member, “wolf fidelity”, as well as statuses from the FB that have been roaming the network for decades, look sad.

Spend a few minutes and try to describe yourself in your own words. It may be difficult, but the number of people who want to get to know you will probably increase.

  1. You are demanding

“I need a virgin with a fourth breast size, chef skills and three higher educations.” Okay, maybe with just two, but you get the point.

Designating who you are looking for (random sex, relationships, a friend of interest) is correct, but making a list of what a girl “owes” you is silly and even unacceptable.

Like you, she owes you nothing, and the dating app is not a job search site. Think about it, adjust your profile and you will see – there will be more matches

By Cindy
April 17, 2020

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