How to make a woman jealous? 6 popular methods that do NOT work

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He meets Her, they like each other and begin to meet. It would seem that everything is fine with them, but it seems to Him that it could be even better. And then he begins to ask Google: “How to make a girl jealous?”

Since the search engine is a soulless machine, he will readily give the guy many links to “good advice” from “real experts”, and if he follows them as an obedient student, then the chances are good that instead of strengthening the girl’s affection, he will, on the contrary will push away.

Let’s discuss today why an attempt to find out how to make a person jealous usually does not lead to anything good, and also consider the most harmful tips on this topic, which I strongly advise against using.

How to cause jealousy in a girl: why you souldn’t ask this question?

The first question is – would you really like to make the girl you like feel so unpleasant? If yes, then I’m sorry: it’s pretty cruel.

We move on – there is a common and absolutely harmful belief that jealousy strengthens feelings, makes someone love and value you even more than before. However, even if it would be so (spoiler: no), to go for various manipulations, tricks and tricks to deserve someone’s good attitude towards oneself does not seem to be the most worthy behavior.

Just think for a second: how can you better improve someone’s attitude to yourself and make you appreciate you more – hurting a person, trying to cause jealousy, or to be honest, good and do nice things? It is a pity that the answer is not obvious to everyone.

And, finally, in case the moral side of the issue does not bother you at all, we will go from a more pragmatic side. Classic tips on how to make your ex or current girlfriend jealous are as old as the world, and most women know them by heart.

And this means that as soon as you are going to put into practice any of these dumb and cheap tricks, there is a high probability that they will immediately calculate you. Total? The girl will be unpleasant, and she will feel disappointment in you.

How to make a woman jealous: 6 most harmful tips

So, I decided to take a standard guide on how to make a girl jealous, and discuss why precisely these tips do more harm than good. We hope that after reading you will lose the last doubts that they should not be used.

  • Suddenly disappear

“The principle here is to give it maximum attention for some time, and then suddenly disappear without any explanation. In other words, you first choke her with love, and then ignore her. The experience of the love that she has imprinted in her brain will make her desperately want to bring you back. “

Suddenly disappearing, ignoring calls and messages, or even completely skipping meetings, you are more likely to make the girl doubt your reliability than to attach to you even more.

  • Talk to her about other girls who are better than her

“Discussing how much better the other girl than your girlfriend can really make her jealous. She will do everything possible to make you feel that the other girl has nothing that she did not have.

She’s likely to track your WhatsApp call logs and messages to find out what the other girl is doing to win your admiration, and before you know it, she will start to imitate her. ”

Answer honestly, what will you feel if your friend says that her friend “has more biceps, the car is cooler and the tattoo is just awesome”? Based on the logic of the author of the council, you should immediately run to three places: a simulator, a car dealership and a tattoo master.

Nobody should ever be compared with anyone: we are completely different and unique personalities. If your “good friend” is so much better than your girlfriend, then your beloved may ask you a logical question: “Maybe then you will meet her?” and leave. This is more likely than the fact that she will completely change her personality for the sake of a person who seems to not like at all.

  • Ignore her messages, while being active on social networks

“This is a serious way to make a girl jealous: stop answering her messages or calls, but chat with another girl on WhatsApp or other social networks.

She will be able to see if you are online, and then she will be wondering why you are not answering her calls or messages. Usually this is a great occasion for jealousy for a girl who desperately loves you to see that you are busy with someone else to the detriment of the attention that, in her opinion, you should pay to her. “

Sorry for the cruel truth, but I doubt very much that your girlfriend has so much to do that she sits all day and looks at the change in your status on social networks – except for meditative purposes, looking at him instead of fire.

But seriously, ignore is ugly behavior even in relation to people with whom it is unpleasant for you to communicate, and when it comes to a girl who is interesting to you, it seems strange, illogical and unnatural.

Even if she does not understand what games you play, then she is very likely to be offended by such neglectful behavior. And in retaliation, she can begin to ignore you, and how it all ends is a good question.

  • Post some “harmless” photos of yourself and another girl

“Your girl will probably become jealous if she sees a photo of you and another girl on your page on social networks. You can even take these photos with your avatars on WhatsApp or Facebook. It really makes her nervous and jealous.

Uploading photos of you and another girl will send a signal that you value this girl above her, and this will make your girlfriend do everything possible to surpass any quality that this girl has forcing you to upload her photos. ”

Not finding fault with the fact that the author repeats in her hope that the girl will rush to remake herself and imitate a stranger, I just propose again to look at the situation from the reverse side: would you like these posts and avatars in her account?

Of course, it is absolutely normal for both of you to have friends and girlfriends of the opposite sex, but in some situations, such behavior can greatly upset the girl and make you think about the strength and seriousness of your relationship, as well as its true place in your life. You don’t want to achieve this, do you?

  • Chat with another girl while she is with you

“This is another powerful way to make your girl jealous and crave your attention more than usual. When you are both together, sometimes concentrate on your phone and chat with another girl.

The content of your chat, however, must be innocent so that if she ultimately insists on finding out what you are chatting with this girl, you can show correspondence. ”

Let’s just say that chatting (chatting, not answering an important and urgent message) on a date is indecent. And it doesn’t matter if you communicate with a girl, or with a guy: such behavior is not only a cheap trick, but also a frank expression of disrespect for your companion.

  • Always look good

“All eyes are always riveted on guys who dress well and look their best. Even without flirting, girls all over the world are eager to deal with stylishly dressed guys.

Therefore, when you always look good, your girl will be a little jealous, because she will always be afraid that someone will work diligently somewhere to take her place. And if in addition to your cool bow you sometimes move away from her, she will not only be jealous, but also desperately miss you. You will even feel that she is afraid of losing you. ”

The advice itself is not bad, but its goal is, to put it mildly, strange. Do not you think that it would be more correct and logical to look cool not for someone or something, but for yourself – to feel comfortable and confident?

So stop looking for tricky ways to enhance her love for you through suffering, feelings and resentment – giving the girl positive emotions and attention, you can achieve this more correctly and faster.

By Cindy
April 13, 2020

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