It’s time to admit to myself that it’s over.

A few disagreements in the relationship is normal. It is also quite natural when passion fades a little. Relationships will not always be smooth. Even couples who look absolutely happy from the outside have problems that they need to work with.

Another thing is if the relationship has already ended, but you continue to maintain it by inertia, because you are used to being together. Here are some obvious signs that you and the girl will be better apart than together.

Your girlfriend constantly annoys you (or you her)

When someone is constantly with you, you can sometimes unconsciously tear off the anger and frustration associated with work, financial or any other problems on him or her. Then you cool down, you realize that you acted ugly, and apologize for your behavior.

But when the relationship is over, your girlfriend becomes the cause of your annoyance. If you are constantly angry with her (or she is at you), then you should find out if you will be happier if you part. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to say goodbye.

The thought that she touches you makes you cringe

Sexual ups and downs are the norm in every way. In addition, the “honeymoon” does not last forever, so you will not always rush at each other. By the way, we already wrote about how to deal with boredom in this case.

Sometimes fantasizing about other people is also normal. But if you do this all the time, and the thought of your real girlfriend is confusing – this is a bad sign.

And it’s not that you are too exhausted or burned out to have sex, this is also natural. It’s about whether you think each other is attractive or not.

Although sex is never the “glue” that maintains relationships in the long run, if you can no longer enjoy even remembering sexual satisfaction with your girlfriend or if you don’t feel the urge to sleep with her, something is definitely wrong.

You start to hate her habits

At the beginning of the relationship, everything seems perfect. Fast forward to a few months or years, and some of the little quirks and habits of a friend may begin to seem painfully annoying. If you suddenly began to enrage how she chews food, snaps her fingers or something else, this is probably more connected with you than with her. Rather, with your attitude to this girl.

When you can’t look at your girlfriend, you’re not happy about her returning home, or you feel that you want to interrupt her when she starts telling a laughable (in your opinion) joke, a boring (in your opinion) story, making a stupid (in your opinion) remark “Then you probably need to sit down and talk honestly with yourself.” Do you really love her? Do you respect? Do you appreciate? Do your relationships outgrow what you and her need, or is it better to end them.

Your debate gets hotter and you quarrel more often

All couples sometimes argue. In fact, often this can be the healthiest way to solve a problem if you do it right. So a random scandal is not a sign that you are not suitable for each other.

However, the minor odds that always turn into screams are not healthy. And if you try to injure your partner during a quarrel and recall all past sins, then you are not trying to move forward, but stomp on the spot or even, rather, push each other away.

By Cindy
April 12, 2020

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