We decide whether to say yes or no to a person’s profile in Tinder, amazingly quickly. Most people spend just a few seconds to figure out whether to swipe left or right.

And, although each has its own individual reasons to make this or that choice, there are also general signs that it is better to continue the search and not waste your and other people’s time by moving your finger to the right.

Photos on the girl’s profile show that she likes what you hate

Looking through profiles, we subconsciously look for clues about what kind of person is in front of us. Often people deliberately upload “talking” pictures showing how they prefer to spend their free time.

So, if in front of you is a lover of outdoor activities or travel, while your favorite sport is bedding, you may not be very interested in it together. Just like if you are an avid Star Wars fan, and the thought of watching even one movie from this universe makes you shudder or yawn.

A guy and a girl should not share all the interests of each other, but if your views on how you can have fun are radically different, then building a dialogue will most likely be problematic.

She openly wants something other than you

Many people are open and honest in what they are looking for using the dating app. And when they talk about it, it is worth believing them. If you are ready for a relationship, do not swipe right to girls who “just want to have fun” or “don’t look for anything serious.”

In the same way, and vice versa, if you are looking for a one-night relationship, you should not offer this to girls who clearly wrote in their profile that they are “ready for a serious relationship and creating a family” and try to get one-time sex from them by deception.

The girl complains a lot in her profile

Avoid matches with girls who complain about their profile information about themselves. For example, how difficult it is to date guys. Or how tired they are of dating apps.

If you are already dealing with her complaints when you haven’t even exchanged messages yet, believe us – most likely, she will bring a lot of negative energy to your first date (and subsequent ones too).

You just don’t like her

If you feel that “this is not yours”, looking at someone’s profile, swipe left. Life is too short to convince yourself that you are in love with someone, if you really do not have any interest in looking at this person.

It’s not worth swiping all the girls to the right, without exception, if you just despaired of getting a match, it would be more reasonable to take a close look at your profile and understand how it can be improved. You will see: making a few small changes in it, you will have much more coincidences with those who you sincerely like and who will be really interested in talking to.

By Cindy
April 11, 2020

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