In Sweden, refused to treat COVID-19 with chloroquine-based drugs

Plaquenil has shown promising results in cases of coronavirus infection. True, therapy in China was experimental and complete.

However, the pandemic problem needs solutions, so a number of states have provided chloroquine-based drugs in the 2020 protocol for the treatment of major infections.

The number of infected in active form has stepped over seven thousand. Nevertheless, they decided to abandon this practice. According to their observations, cramping can also cause deadly diseases in patients with coronavirus. After all, COVID-19 is able to give complications to the cardiovascular system.

Filipino biological Edsel Salvana warns of the biological effects on the heart. According to him, the combination of Plaquenil and Azithromycin, which is often used in coronavirus disease, is especially dangerous. These medicines should be taken only as directed by your doctor.

By Cindy
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April 10, 2020

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