Seeming creepy is sometimes easier than it sounds.

Every girl has a story about a guy who scares her. Most likely, she even has several of them. If you do not believe me, ask any of your friends about this. And I almost certainly guess that most of these “creepy” guys do not even realize that they unconsciously push women away, trying to please them.

The situation is sad, and I would not want you to be on the list of those guys who, at the sight of you, want to run across the street. How to avoid this? Try not to make these four most common mistakes, most often scary girls.

Stalking (both online and in real life)

Anyone who has an Internet connection and the ability to print can find out a lot of interesting things about you, but this does not mean that he should do it. Internet harassment is incredibly common these days and is alarming for most women.

This is unromantic and does not increase your chances, and if you find yourself doing this, step back and give yourself and your Internet connection a timeout. Definitely you should not tell the girl that you managed to find out about her in a few hours of scouring the network or viewing all three thousand of her posts in insta.

Remember that it is always healthier and more correct to ask questions directly to the person you like, not the search engine.

Refusal to accept “no” as an answer

There is a reason why horror movie villains can often be called “implacable.” Anyone who continues to chase you and does not give up scares. A guy who cannot calmly accept “no” as an answer may think that he is persistent and romantic, as the old morality required of him, but most often the woman who fights off his courtship is simply sincerely afraid (and for this, she has every reason).

If a girl wants to talk with you, she will enter into a conversation and agree to go on a date together, if not, don’t push on her, don’t beg, don’t blackmail, and in no case be rude, none of these methods will make her change her mind, but it’s quite possible to spoil the opinion of you.

Excessive pressure

If you grew up studying “masculinity” according to traditional sources, then you probably sincerely believe that a man should “conquer” a woman and “storm” like an impregnable fortress. And if you sit back, she will never be interested in you and will prefer a more determined boyfriend.

Not only is this no longer true in the field of dating, which has become a two-way street, it is also a recipe for pushing away rather than attracting a girl.

Nowadays, women are more and more beware of guys who behave too intrusively, encroach on their personal space and literally strangle their attention. Therefore, no matter how you like it, slow down a bit and do not forget that in addition to the romantic, there must be other interests in her and in your life – so you will have more chances to build healthy relationships.

Excessive romance

It is normal to experience strong emotions at the beginning of a relationship, but if you raise the level of romance to the maximum when you barely know each other, she may interpret this as a sign of manipulation or despair.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to see the line between romantic and eerie, so to be more like a potential partner and less like a dangerous pursuer, try to watch her reaction when you do different cute things for her.

If she likes it, and she wants you to continue in the same vein, then most likely she will thank her enthusiastically and do something in return. But if a girl smiles embarrassedly or even says plainly that she doesn’t like such manifestations of feelings, respect her difference from herself and figure out how to show her affection in the way she likes.

By Cindy
April 10, 2020

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