Signs that say that you are very lucky.

I often tell you about troubling signs that indicate that your relationship with a girl will not last too long, or even that it will be more correct to end them.

But fortunately, there are opposite situations – when everything (or almost everything) in your interaction indicates that these relationships will be long and happy, and they need to be appreciated. We suggest taking a look at this checklist of signs saying that you are an almost perfect couple.

  • You listen carefully to each other

And not only listen, but also hear. You want to hear what your partner thinks, even if you’re not speaking on the most pleasant topic. And you and she especially listen to each other when one of you is upset or alarmed by something – because what is important for one is important for the other.

  • You keep your word

Words and actions in your relationship always match. If any of you have undertaken any obligations, then you will fulfill them. This is normal, if not everything is perfect, but if something went wrong – you and she can count on the partner to try her best to keep her promise and not to fail.

  • You support each other’s endeavors

Relationships are you and she. But since both of you are self-sufficient individuals, your life is not limited to each other, and there is a place for other things in it. And her professional and personal growth is no less important for you than her own, and you are ready to support her in those endeavors for which she will decide. It works the other way.

  • You know how to smooth sharp corners

You do not avoid conflicts. Quarrels are a healthy part of a relationship, if you behave correctly. The way the couple copes with the conflict says a lot about the strength of their relationship. If you and a girl are capable of constructively resolving all disagreements that have arisen, respecting the opposite point of view, and know how to find compromises, this is a great sign.

  • You are able to apologize to each other

Apologies are an important part of conflict resolution. And we mean a deep, sincere apology. It is very important to be able to admit that you are wrong or, more importantly, that you hurt someone. If you and a girl are able to admit your guilt when you did wrong, this is very cool.

  • You respect each other’s borders

Love is great, but it’s never worth it to “choke” anyone. Do you need time for friends? No problem. Does she want to be alone? You do not take away such an opportunity from her. Respecting the boundaries and needs of a lover in personal space is one of the main keys to a happy and healthy relationship.

  • You are a team

A good partnership should be equitable. This means that you share the emotional and physical work necessary to meet the needs of your relationship and shared dreams. Relationships are all about balance. And if you manage to find him, then I’m very happy for you guys.

By Cindy
April 7, 2020

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