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“How to make a girl chase you?” – one of the most exciting questions that is usually asked by guys who have difficulties in their personal lives. Some believe that the universal recipe in this case is a thick wad of cash. Sometimes this is really a working scheme, however, most likely, it will attract those in need (and not the fact that it is girls).

In fact, there are many other ways to attract the attention of ladies, without whom you fall into longing.

Your task is to properly digest this information, learn it and put it into practice.

  1. Be interesting
  2. Watch your appearance
  3. Manage your time competently
  4. Show your friends
  5. Prove that you are not stupid
  6. Watch your feelings
  7. Do not impose
  8. Be open
  9. Do not forget about self-confidence
  10. Show your kindness
  11. Respect the girl
  12. Learn to earn
  13. Be generous

Start to get more interesting

Believe me, few people like boring and boring types who cannot support a conversation on elementary topics – be it the current political situation, the new series of the Kardashian Family, the album of some cool rapper, or the Salvador Dali exhibition in the Manege.

If you have nothing to talk about with the girl, and she has nothing to ask you, what can I talk about? Although, of course, if you are the laconic Ryan Gosling from the movie “Drive”, maybe someone will fall for you, but you hardly have the same cool muscle car, jacket and leather gloves.

Care about your face and body

Surely, when you look at the Instagram feed, you pay attention to models such as Emily Ratakovsky, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and spit out. At these moments, you stare at their physical parameters and dream that such a girl would notice you.

However, believe me, girls also pay attention to the external data of the men who surround them. Therefore, you can safely sign up to the gym, regularly go for jogging, start eating well and monitor your hygiene.

In addition, look at your style, buy fashionable clothes, make sure that they are clean and smelling good. In general, follow these basic rules and you will have more chances to win the girl’s heart.

Dose your time in communication with a girl

One of the psychological tricks that will make a girl run after you consists in a metered distribution of time for meetings with her. That is, it is not necessary at the first call to resort to her on her knees, sacrificing business meetings, business trips and other solid plans of any self-respecting man.

If you want to maintain her interest in you, make it clear that you have your own life, which also requires attention and time. Otherwise, she will quickly become bored with you when you are ready to be at her disposal 24 hours a day.

Show that you have many good friends and girlfriends

Thus, you will prove that there are people who value you and treat you well – this is a kind of recommendatory strategy. At least, if a girl sees that someone respects you, then you are not a reclusive sociopath.

One way to show this is with the same Instagram with Facebook. Post there from time to time content on which you have fun in fun companies, go to fashionable institutions and cuddle with other people.

Better yet, if you make friends with her friends and prove yourself cool in their eyes. However, this is already an optional option, that is, it is not necessary to do this.

Show your intelligence

You should not shower her with historical lectures, terms from astrophysics and phenomenal geographical knowledge. Otherwise, the girl will consider that you just want to seem like a know-it-all who likes to show off time spent in the library.

Best of all, if at a good moment in the discussion of a particular topic you can accurately speak out and back it up with convincing argumentation. Believe me, it will cost a lot.

Try to keep your composure

If you are constantly annoyed and upset by some minor trifles, the girls are likely to simply start avoiding you. It is unlikely that someone needs a guy who is constantly dissatisfied with something, complains about circumstances and breaks out for the most insignificant reasons.

You can get annoyed and notice the imperfections of the world if you are a stand-up comedian who is engaged in comedy observation. It will fully justify you.

In other cases, try to be more persistent and rational.

Don’t be annoying

The biggest mistake of a guy who is trying to get a woman to chase him is obsession. She is very easy to diagnose: the dude floods the girl with countless messages in instant messengers, calls her, every time offers to go somewhere, and so on.

Thus, any guy begins to look like an obsessed maniac who has no desires and needs, except for meeting with the object of worship.

But be open

If you strive for close relationships, it is important to establish the most confidential contact so that the girl can open up to you and feel the opportunity to share her problems and experiences. To do this, it is important to be open to yourself, and not to make yourself an impregnable and unfeeling superhero who is alien to tears, emotions and concern for others.

Believe me, you can sleep without much trust, but the fact of sex does not guarantee that a girl will fall in love with you. Your task is to become irreplaceable emotionally, which comes only with trust, sincerity and honest relationships.

Do not forget about self-confidence

It should just pass from you with confidence, not only in yourself, but in everything that happens.

If a girl sees that you are well versed in space, at work, at home, and so on, she will be interested in you even before you have time to approach her.

Show how kind you are

Another surefire way to get a girl’s attention is simple kindness. Believe me, most girls appreciate the ability of men to show compassion, a positive attitude, compassion, and caring for anyone.

Remember this, despite the fact that the very Jason State in his films rarely seemed to us good-natured. Rather, his character was a frostbitten roll that drenched everyone right and left, while attracting the attention of pretty beauties.

Because of this, we want to show the girl how cool we can swing our fists and strain our muscles on the first date, but it’s better to restrain this impulse and buy something to eat for a homeless puppy.

Respect, the main thing is respect

Well, do not forget about the key aspect of any relationship – respect. If you do not know what it is, read carefully.

Respect for a girl simply and humanly. That is, to know your borders, not to encroach on her personal space, to leave aggression and unworthy tricks somewhere at home, to be able to listen, listen, understand and appreciate.

In this case, you have every chance to win her favor and achieve reciprocity.

Show how you make money

As you already understood, we cannot ignore the fact that sometimes money is crucial in some moments of our lives. This does not mean that the previous tips are depreciating and instead of going to the gym, you need to get a second job, no.

However, any self-respecting man needs to be able to earn. Let not as much as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk used to do it. Their salaries are not for everyone.

In this case, we advise you to simply find a job or job that will bring you pleasure and a good income. If you will work in a place that does not suit you, believe me, this will certainly affect your personal life.

You will walk all the time depressed, gloomy and displeased. In this mood, it is unlikely that someone will run after you, rather, they will want to run away from you.

Be generous

If you have your own business and good income, why not show the breadth of your soul? Sometimes it’s not enough to be a rich man, because many may find you a greedy miser, who saves every penny and is better at strangling himself than letting at least a minimal part of his income go to charity.

Illustrative in this case is the recent gesture of Jeff Bezos, who donated $ 700,000 to extinguish Australian fires. However, even so, the businessman was criticized for the fact that he usually earns so much in five minutes. But don’t worry, it doesn’t concern you.

Just do not miss the opportunity to show that money is not an end for you, but a means that you are ready to share. Sometimes with someone who needs it.

By Cindy
April 6, 2020

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