Check if your sympathy is mutual.

How to understand what a girl likes? Ideally, she will directly tell you about this herself, gently (or passionately) kiss, and you retire to the sunset. But, alas, this is not always the case.

Due to pressure from society, girls are often embarrassed to openly admit that someone is nice to them, and limit themselves to starting to send a bunch of signals in the hope that you will understand them and take the initiative.

And the signs that help to understand that a girl likes you can sometimes be completely unobvious. Therefore, in order to help you not to miss them, we decided to make a special list.

  • She sends you signals in “body language”

The list of these non-verbal signs of sympathy includes licking your lips, playing with your hair, positioning your legs pointing in your direction, and so on.
But I warn you right away, these signals cannot be called absolutely reliable – sometimes people just straighten their hair or take a certain position, because they are so comfortable. So go for other signs.

  • Her posture changes when she sees you

So, she noticed that you were coming, and immediately straightened her shoulders and pulled her stomach in? Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but usually both boys and girls unconsciously try to “sit down” when they see the one they like.

  • She touches you (and often)

Physical contact is one of the surest signs of sympathy, because we are pleased to touch the one we like. During the conversation, she several times casually touched your hand or constantly hugs at a meeting? Perhaps there is something here.

  • She blushes when she meets you

It is so cute and so gives out. When people look at the one they are in love with, their pupils dilate, their pulse quickens and a blush appears. And of these three “symptoms,” the easiest way to “diagnose” redness.

Especially if the room you are in is not too hot and the girl has not just returned from a run.

  • She often or stares at you

How to understand that a stranger likes you, for example, in a bar? Elementary: you meet your eyes several times in a row. This is a very exciting game: when a girl meets her gaze with a guy she likes, she can begin to look away or, conversely, look at you without stopping.

And when you start talking, a sign that you like her is that she looks at you for a very long time and very carefully – because you’re cool.

  • She smiles at you

A look + a smile from a stranger = an invitation to come to meet you. Of course, there is always a chance that she simply loves to smile or didn’t mean anything like that, but she should take a chance.

By the way, this is also a great way to understand that a modest girl likes you: she will probably be embarrassed to show her sympathy in more daring ways, but she can hardly hold back a smile when she looks at you.

  • Her behavior is changing next to you

Usually she is very shy, but when you appear on the horizon, miraculously turns into the soul of the company and begins to joke? Or vice versa – everyone knows how to tear it off, but you do not agree: does she hide her eyes when she barely sees you?

Well, it is possible that sympathy is involved here – because the object of secret love makes girls nervous and behave differently than always.

  • Her friends react strangely to you

You enter the room, and her friends and girlfriends begin to whisper, looking at you or laughing? Or maybe they are constantly looking for an excuse to leave you alone?

There is a possibility that they don’t like you, or they heard some funny story about you, but let’s think positively. Maybe the reason is that she admitted to her that she is not indifferent to you?

  • You talk a lot on social networks

Literally constantly. You are friends in all social networks, she constantly likes and comments on your posts, and your chat in instant messengers does not fall silent. Yes, it can be exclusively friendly communication, but admit: she likes to talk with you, and this in itself is cool!

  • She answers your messages very quickly

We’ll warn you right away: there are people who always keep the phone at hand and always answer everyone instantly. But in most cases, everyone has those contacts whose messages can wait to be answered at a convenient time, as well as those whose messages we respond immediately, because … this is an important person for us (or an angry boss).

However, if a girl likes you, but she hides it, she can specially wait 15 minutes or so before answering so as not to reveal her feelings. I am certain of one thing for sure: if she does not answer your messages for several days, this is a sad sign, and if you are constantly in touch, it is encouraging.

  • She writes you drunk

It was so? I’m not talking about a request to bring her home or something like that, but rather, it could be a light flirtation, for which she then apologized the next day.

She may be very shy and afraid to hint at you about her feelings, but a couple of cocktails give her courage, and that’s why she writes not to anyone else, but to you.

  • She lets you know that alone

Maybe directly, maybe with the help of some hints. For example, she says how embarrassing it is to be alone in a cafe with friends when they are all in pairs, or that she really wants to visit a new bar, but it sucks to go there alone, or something like that.

And she’s also trying to find out, by the way, if you have a girlfriend. Why is she interested in this? Perhaps because she likes you!

  • She laughs at your silly jokes

Let’s be honest: even those of you who have a divine sense of humor sometimes make bad jokes. And if you felt that now is just such a case, and she is still bursting with laughter, then it’s worth taking it into service and looking more closely to see if there are any other signs of her sympathy.

By the way, laughter is one of the most traditional and obvious signs of flirting. Unless, of course, you are a professional comedian, and she is not your viewer.

  • She posts your photos together

Well, isn’t that obvious? Again – there is always a chance that she perceives you exclusively as a friend and signs these joint photos of yours just like that, but in this case, stop thinking about the friend zone and how to get out of it.

  • She ignores her phone when she talks to you

Actually, it’s impolite to stare at the screen when you are talking with someone. But you must admit: there’s nothing in this – to take a quick look at the message that arrived and, perhaps, to answer it just as quickly if this is something important.

But no, she is not bothered by the sounds of notifications: they can wait because she is completely focused on you.

  • She tells you personal things

Those that we usually can not tell every person. Maybe she shares with you her fears or dreams, or some touching story from childhood. And what’s more, she asks you non-banal questions and wants to get to know you better. Why’s that? Since you are not indifferent to her.

  • She suggests doing something together in the future.

It can be anything: go to a concert or a movie, go karting or teach you how to make waffles. Yes, the girl offers such proposals to people of both sexes who share their interests, or it will be a date. In any case, if you like her, agree and spend some more time together – perhaps soon everything will become obvious.

  • Her voice changes when she talks to you

And this sign has been confirmed by science! In 2014, a group of Polish scientists found that voice modulation can be a critical parameter in the courtship of people, regardless of what they are talking about at the moment. If her voice suddenly becomes softer or hoarse, this may be a sign that she has feelings for you.

  • She always says yes to offers to hang out together.

You spend a lot of time together, and she is always ready to meet when you call her somewhere. And if he can’t, then he offers to reschedule the meeting and then he definitely comes. If you really like her, then perhaps it’s time to get the courage and admit it. There is a very good chance that this is mutual.

By Cindy
April 5, 2020

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