It’s time to upgrade your strategy.

Now is the year 2020, which means that Tinder has been around for eight years. Yes, so many. It also means that if you still use it or other dating apps, as before, then you are doing it wrong. Online dating, like everything in this world, does not stand still and is constantly evolving.

Here are six new relevant online etiquette rules for dating online, which you should remember and start actively using.

Be frank about what you want

Some people for some reason still perceive Tinder and other similar applications as a place where you can find only one-time sex. But this is now not so, at least not always. Remember, you probably have a familiar couple or even a married couple who met exactly in Tinder.

Because people who are looking for a long term relationship also use this app. And there are also representatives of the couple who are looking for a third party, people looking for new friends and like-minded people, as well as a bunch of other requests. How do all these so different users find what they want?

It’s right to be as transparent and frank as possible about your goals in order to save your and others’s time.

Read girl’s bio

You may need time to write a biography that details what you are looking for.

If the biography says that she is interested only in friendly contacts and long-term relationships, then you should not be surprised at the immediate block.

You see, you are a busy guy, and there are a lot of girls in the application, but everyone needs to find a few seconds to find out who is in front of you.

Be sure to fill out your bio

And no, the phrase “Just ask me what interests you” is not considered a well-filled bio. As well as bearded or excessively greasy jokes.

Nowadays, girls just as often write first, like guys, so by describing yourself and your goals in a few short and honest sentences, you will definitely increase your chances of someone interesting knocking on you in PM.

Decide if you will indicate your height

One of the latest trends among men in dating apps is to include in their bio-growth, accompanying this information with the words “… because for some reason it matters.”

For some women, the growth of a man is important, for someone not. Be that as it may, knowingly shaming the girls for asking such a question is not an entirely successful approach.

If you want to tell the girls your height – do it without any excuses. If not, just keep silent ..

Get inspired by instagram

Well, at least in part. When you post something on Instagram, you usually care about the quality of the photos and you can make some adjustments before posting. Maybe you should do this with your photos in the dating app.

Studies show that photos in Tinder get more matches if they have color contrast, low background noise, no other people and nothing that covers your face (for example, sunglasses or a cap).

Making a few edits and using filters before uploading a photo is absolutely normal. But do not abuse Photoshop too much so that your portrait remains similar to you in real life.

You won’t achieve anything with ‘Hello’

It’s easy to just say hello. And many of us are really still trying to start a conversation in dating apps that way. But this is the problem. If everyone else just says hello, your message is easily lost in the crowd. And then you wonder why no one answers you.

By Cindy
March 31, 2020

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