7 reasons to go on blind date (THIS IS SOMETHING NEW)

Seriously, this is a very interesting experience.

Dating online or using apps means you take a risk every time you swipe right and agree to meet someone. Since it’s quite difficult to get a good idea of ​​a person based on several profile photos and some standard phrases that you exchanged in PM, this is very similar to a blind date.

However, this is not so, because you seem to know what this girl looks like, and you made a conscious choice about meeting her in person. But what happened to the good old days of real blind dates that their friends arranged for people?

There are many reasons why you should try to dare to conduct such an experiment at least once, and below we will list the most important ones.

  • She is from your circle of friends

How many times have you told a friend about someone you know and added: “You would have liked her” or “I would have met her if I had nobody now,” or something like that? Probably several times at least. When someone takes the initiative to push you to a meeting with a lot of people, it’s actually quite nice.

Of course, matchmaking friends can be a little annoying, but they recommend a person they know personally and who hooked them with something. Even if you do not love each other, it is very likely that you will meet another cool girl with whom it will be interesting to communicate.

  • There is an intrigue

Not knowing someone before going on a date with him is very strange. Especially if you didn’t arrange all this yourself. But to meet and take a chance can be pretty cool. And it’s useful, especially if you’re tired of dating girls from dating applications.

  • It’s not about an algorithm

Sometimes we tend to swipe right and talk with the matches from the dating application simply because some algorithm made it clear that we are in the same geographical range as the other person. And we begin to communicate simply because “hey, this is a coincidence, why not.”

But if a friend set you up for her, there is a good chance that he is already familiar with this girl and realized that she is in your taste. Personal recommendations most often give a greater chance of finding true love than options from a soulless car.

  • You don’t need to bother

Instead of going to a bar / concert / exhibition / symposium, sweating and trying to pick someone up or rub a callus on your finger, flipping through hundreds of profiles in dating apps, all you have to do is come to the appointed place at the agreed time . And being yourself is nowhere simpler!

  • You will already have a starting point for starting a dialogue.

If you feel embarrassed (and this is quite possible), you can talk about how crazy your mutual friend is, who started all this, and utter some kind of carefree joke about the strangeness of a blind date. You may also have other common acquaintances, so do not hesitate – the ice should start moving quite quickly.

  • There is something old-fashioned in it

There is something charming about being framed by a friend and the fact that another person has agreed to meet with you. In any case, you must share with the girl a sense of adventurism (or despair) – and this is very sweet!

  • This date will surely be remembered by you

Blind dates can be romantic and intimidating at the same time. And they are not commonplace. The worst thing that can happen is you ask your friend not to take you with anyone else. But you can and fall in love with each other, right? In this case, you will have an awesome dating story, which all couples from Tinder will envy!

By Cindy
March 30, 2020

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