How to build a relationship with the girl of your dreams?

Probably one of the most inspiring goals for any guy / man is the desire to build a relationship with the girl of your dreams.

But at the same time, such a goal requires a lot of time, effort and, of course, the necessary knowledge on how to build these very relationships. Since, compared with a short romance or free “relations”, building a real strong union is not so easy. But at the same time, with special knowledge, this is completely possible.

Let’s walk along all the main stages of achieving this goal that inspires all men. First of all, you, of course, should clearly represent …

Who is she

Tell me, dear reader, what is more important for you – comfort and pleasure or a set of qualities that cannot be fit into one person? Moreover, these qualities inherently do not play any role.

I think the answer is obvious to both of us. After all, we are building relationships for the sake of pleasure and comfort! In order that we can receive a charge of positive emotions, physical and mental pleasure, and feel pride in the fact that we were able to penetrate her soul and head.

Therefore, your first and most important task is to analyze your previous relationships and understand what exactly you liked about your ex-girlfriends, and what, on the contrary, was annoying.

Only your own experience will help you make a list of real (compatible with each other) qualities. And imagining which girl you need, you make achieving your goal faster and “real”.

How to build a relationship with a girl correctly

After you find and seduce the girl of your dreams, the relationship with her becomes like a house of cards. One wrong action (movement) and it falls apart. And this fragile substance requires special care (control) and knowledge.

Most often, this control consists in skillfully managing the balance of significance. To build a truly high-quality relationship, the importance of both partners must be equally high. So high that you both become confident in a shared future.

To control the balance of significance, you will need your observation. If you notice that you began to initiate meetings and conversations more often, began to invest in it more than she, then you need to slow down a little.

And if at the same time she lost a little interest (accordingly, initiates meetings less, and you don’t see her enthusiasm in communicating with you), then this is the first sign that the balance has shifted in her direction. Accordingly, it is necessary to change the strategy of behavior. Perhaps a little cool to her. Notice, I said lightly, i.e. in our case, these are more rare calls, and sometimes even disappearing for a couple of days (if you communicate with her every day). And her question is simply to say that he was busy / without mood, etc.

And such a sharp “cooling” is a necessary measure, to which it is better not to bring it at all.

Also, you must combine two “types” of men: a lover and a friend. The first – attracts, excites and makes the pastime emotionally intense. The second – listen, show care and affection, and support when necessary.

Signs of an ideal relationship

Surely you noticed that in your previous relationships (or perhaps in your present, if you have a girlfriend) you wanted to sacrifice something. For example, you knew that your soulmate didn’t like certain moments in your behavior. And you were sincerely ready to sacrifice anything in order to be with her.

That’s just the quality of the relationship is determined by whether your partner has such a desire. If she doesn’t put your desires in anything (they say, “what is – take it”) and does what you get negative emotions from (for example, she often goes to clubs with girlfriends), then it’s worth considering.

This includes not only material investments, but also emotional and temporary.
Is enthusiastic about talking to you? How often does he call you? How much is ready to spend time on you? Can she sometimes treat you with a cup of coffee or pay for movie tickets?
If you answered firm YES to all these questions, then you can assume that everything is normal with this paragraph. The main thing – do not forget that you too should invest in your relationship;)

It’s simple: there is regular quality sex – everything is fine. If it is not there, then you need to urgently do something. Otherwise, she will find him “on the side.”

By “quality” I mean that sex in which both partners enjoy, not just you;)

It is important that both partners do not allow themselves to show disrespect to each other. Do not allow yourself to raise her voice at her (exception: only the case when she is very guilty; but if this happened, then this is already an occasion to think about the quality of your relationship). Keep your promises. Do not insult her (even as a joke – she may not understand and take everything at her own expense) and do not let her do it.

Do you want to do anything in your life just because your soulmate loves you? If so, then congratulations – this is exactly the type of energy that allows men to achieve fairly ambitious goals. Moreover, these goals may not be related to your soulmate.

She must feel the same feeling. If after meeting with you she becomes energetic and happy, and at the same time you notice that she has some goals (or she began to more energetically achieve the previous ones), then everything is fine.

Exactly, like the absence of such motivation, can be a signal that something is wrong in your relationship. Indeed, agree, if a valuable person is near you, then you always want to improve your life for him!

Joint Future Plans
If you are already in a relationship, then your sensations should tell you exactly how long they will last. Do you see her in your future: a month, a year, two years?

In addition, in your conversation sometimes there are topics in which you discuss your joint future. For example, how will you go to another city next year.

If you do not imagine it in your future, then most likely it will never be. The main thing is to be observant to your feelings and to her behavior, and be able to correct your situation in time.

If you saw all these signs, then consider that you did everything right. And the more these “points” are missing in your relationship, the less quality your relationship.

By Cindy
March 29, 2020

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