How to tame a woman: 4 tips

  • Joint time.

The hero of an American film, after having sex with a new girl, experienced “post-orgasmic disgust.” It is a natural reaction to switch after your “victim is defeated” and you emerged victorious from this duel called “seduction”. In other words, you don’t need anything else from the girl, at least not yet.

And, by the way, for a really smart girl this is an indicator of how you behave right after sex. Therefore, do not rush and tell her that he called a taxi, and you have to save the world from an alien invasion. Just devote this day (or at least part of it) to it, enjoy this pleasant time and get to know it better, while also revealing yourself a little. You will certainly get close during this time, just get used to each other and exchange sincere emotions that are not connected or have little to do with intimacy. And then sex will recede into the background, paving the way for a more fundamental relationship between two people. You will feel it, she will feel it.

  • Call after sex.

After you had your first sex and she left, it is important to get in touch with her on time and correctly. This is best done in a couple of days. In general, this is a very important point that any self-respecting seducer knows about, and here it is important not to “mess up” – there are certain rules.

But at this moment most of the guys are not doing the right thing:

  1. you slept with her, you liked her. A day passed, you wanted to repeat that night, and since you do not know how to behave correctly, you simply invite her to another sex, thinking that this will show her your sympathy. No, of course, if she herself takes such an initiative, then everything is cool, but otherwise she will consider that all of her value to you is in this;
  2. you called her, not knowing what to say – just in order to “hear the voice”. Surely you will crumple, “moo”, and the conversation itself will come out a little taut, that you both will feel. From this, she will conclude that you simply do not know what you want, and this is bad. It is unlikely that she herself will be talkative with such a call, which means that this contact has too high a chance to break off.

Of course, you do not need to call immediately, but you should not delay it. The optimal time is a couple of days after sex. If more passes, then she will begin an internal dialogue, which may lead to no one knows what — for example, she considers that she behaved absurdly during sex, and this can lead to a complex. Guys are often delayed with a call because the girl really liked, and it is difficult to decide on this. But you don’t know that a few days later she already mixed you with dirt in her head. Therefore – do not hesitate.

  • The next meeting.

You have already seduced her, do not try to do it again. Try to open up for her in a new way, so that she sees how versatile and interesting you are. And it doesn’t matter if you have sex this time or not. Do not try to drag her into bed at all costs (if calibrating her condition does not show that she really wants it). The main task is to become in her eyes even more classy and go into the category of special guys.

  • What’s next.

Next, you need to hold regular meetings. They should not be frequent – twice a week is more than enough, but there must be some systematic nature. By the way, if you or she does not have much time, then one of the dates can be replaced by communication on Skype – also a kind of meeting. The task is that she does not begin to experience a lack of attention on your part, so if there is no opportunity for a meeting, call on Skype or phone and give her at least half an hour. Of course, virtual communication is only suitable for the very initial stage of the relationship, so do not go too far with this. But in this format there are a lot of advantages – you spend only half an hour or an hour instead of traveling through the whole city, spending money on a date.

I really hope that my advice will help you tame a girl and start building relationships where there is more to it than just sex. Of course, in the next stages there will be a ton of other difficulties, and other classic mistakes will lie in wait for you. But in one article it is impossible to address so many issues. Therefore, be sure to follow the publications and read my other materials on this topic.

By Cindy
March 28, 2020

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