How to please a girl on a date?

It is quite difficult to make a positive impression at the first meeting with a potential partner, if you start acting within the framework of the standard scheme. Try to seem an exceptional, interesting person. Think about how you can interest the young lady. Even when you are afraid to invite a girl on a date, never let this be understood in the process of personal communication. Remember – never act like ordinary guys do. No need to ask about the mood, say hackneyed phrases like “how are you.” Just imagine that in just a few days your potential partner has already managed to meet several of your competitors on the love front. Each of them behaved according to a “knurled”, absolutely uninteresting program.

Unsettle a girl with a completely unexpected question. For example, ask if she has been to Japan? Immediately tell an amusing, pre-prepared story about the Japanese whom you “met” on the way that day. Do not stay at a distance, as often as possible take a companion’s hand, try less often to let her go. You will make it clear in this way that in front of her is a potential, self-confident lover who knows women well.

  • Conversation details

When thinking about how to invite a stranger on a date, be sure to sketch out a few conversation options. Well, if the following stories are in the arsenal:

How did you travel to fascinating places. Believe me, even the most ordinary town can turn into a beautiful riddle. You can tell about visiting closed club parties, about trips along extreme routes. The main thing is that the narrative should look fascinating and truthful.
Tell a story about how women are interested in you in different situations. It should look believable and real. Do not be afraid to seem a little ridiculous in such stories – your companion will surely like light self-irony, which helps to bring two people closer together.

When communicating, stories about unexpected, non-standard and possibly dangerous fragments from your life will not be superfluous. Without false modesty, skillfully emphasize your ingenuity, resourcefulness, determination.

You probably know that young creatures adore celebrities. If you are really interested in answering the question — how best to invite a girl on a date, try to come up with interesting circumstances in which there were acquaintances with famous people. It’s great if you really know famous characters in life, came across them and talked.

  • Hint about your intentions

Why do companions often refuse a second meeting? One of the most common mistakes is the excessive tightness of the young man, his inability to prove himself in the role of a real macho and male. Always be sure, often touch your partner. Look into the eyes with a slight smile, show that you are interested in “bed as a goal.” Try to flirt constantly, joke, but know a sense of proportion. In this way you will be able to clearly show the true intentions. Do not forget that spending time together must bring positive emotions to the young lady.

Learn that a well-designed action plan will surely be your key to success. You must have “homework” for any occasion. Do not allow long pauses in conversation, awkward silence. Keep your situation under control. Make it clear that you are the master of the situation. If the interlocutor is trustworthy and tells you innermost, personal stories, show sincere interest, ask relevant questions.

By Cindy
March 27, 2020

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