Over 90% of patients with coronavirus recovered in China

The State Health Committee of the PRC reported on a consistent decrease in the number of coronavirus infected in the country and a recovery of more than 90% from COVID-19 patients.

At present, according to the agency, 4,735 people remain in hospitals, RIA Novosti reports. Since December, 81,747 people have been infected with coronavirus in mainland China, of which 73,300 have recovered, 3,283 have died.

Recall that positive news from China began to come in the second decade of March, while in the Chinese city of Wuhan – the center of the Hubei province and the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 – they stopped registering new cases of infection. As a result, 0.0002% of the country’s population became victims of coronavirus. The official mortality rate among infected people was about 4% (in Hubei province – 5%). Now the main problem for the Chinese authorities is the carriers of infection coming from abroad.

Health professionals in China and Russia predicted a general decline in the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19 by mid-summer 2020.

In total, according to the data on the morning of March 24, the number of people infected with coronavirus reached 355 thousand in more than 160 countries, including all European countries, the number of deaths was 16 094, and 100 616 recovered. The worst situation is in Italy, USA, Spain , Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

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March 24, 2020

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