How to find a girl for a relationship girl for a serious relationship

Sooner or later, every guy thinks about how to find a girl for a serious relationship. One day, one appears that takes all his thoughts, one that he wants to seduce and keep next to him. But the percentage of couples and marriages is very high, and in a relationship a man often ceases to be himself. All this suggests that in most cases the choice was made incorrectly.

Solving the issue of how to find a girl for a relationship is actually not so simple. It would seem that everything was done correctly. But if a girl does not have a certain set of qualities, she will not succeed in connecting her path with her. For example, how can you live with a bitchy person who rolls tantrums? But many men are trying to maintain such a relationship, believing that some of the advantages outweigh all the disadvantages. Or maybe just the first option that came across was mistaken for great love?

Important! Starting a new relationship is a big step, after which the doors open for many exciting opportunities. Given the amount of emotional investment associated with any serious relationship, you need to choose a girlfriend carefully. You can not rely on fate or chance to find a girl for a serious relationship and marriage. It’s time to learn how to act correctly!

How to find a serious relationship
Most people are mistakenly programmed to search for their “half.” So there was a meeting with the very one – and like in a movie, the sun came out, the birds chirped, romantic music played in the background. She threw a strand of gorgeous hair from her forehead, and her tender gaze pierced the very heart. This is her, this is fate. It remains only to wait for her.

This scenario is very convenient, as it allows you to throw off all responsibility from yourself. Why puzzle over how to find a girl for a relationship? The invisible hand of providence itself will lead to a “half”. Have you noticed that many call their loved one their “fate”? And this, too, removes all responsibility.

Important! However, listening to the feelings is still necessary. They are important, but most often interfere with informed choice. Feelings need to be perceived only as the first signal – is it worth considering the object for a serious relationship or not. At the same time, it is important not to forget about the analysis of the actions of one’s and one’s chosen one.

When deciding how to find a good girl for a serious relationship, you should not react to the first comer, as to the “same one”. Continue communication, make new acquaintances, but take your time to apply your criteria to each new girlfriend. This is only confusing and confusing. Here you can rely on feelings: as soon as you meet a girl who combines external beauty and an outstanding personality, you will experience admiration – this will be a signal.

Conscious choice
A woman for serious relationships and marriage combines as many qualities as possible that attract you. Are you sure you know what you need to pay attention to first of all? Have you thought about this for a long time?

The first and most important thing is appearance (attractiveness for you personally, and not for others). Everyone has their own ideas about beauty and feminine qualities. No need to focus on public opinion.

Can’t you find the same girl for a serious relationship? Take the time to make a detailed list of your preferred qualities. It can be a real revelation and a guide.

For example, such a list might look like this:

The ideal of attractiveness and sexuality. List as detailed as possible, even considering the growth and color of the eyes, tattoos, manicure and hair length.
Character and temperament. How she will behave in different situations of everyday life, how to show emotions, what her habits are.
Model behavior of a girl with a man and others. On what ideals of relations is she brought up and how does she behave in a different society.
Ease of behavior (unobtrusiveness, lack of tantrums).
Social circle and priorities in this regard. We are largely determined by the environment, and the way we choose it, for example, we know how not to get caught up in unwanted old relationships, speaks about personal qualities.
Devotion. Will she be there to motivate and inspire. Someone needs one that will become a reliable rear; others like it when they are pushed. The main thing is to determine for yourself a comfortable model of relationships.
Intelligence, education, well-read. Again, for you personally this may not be important.
Cleanliness, grooming, preferences in clothes and cosmetics – both near you and in other situations.
Her behavior with other men – both in relationships and outside of them.
Important! Somewhere, in the depths of your subconscious, this list has long been. Surely, already had to think about how you can find a girl for a serious relationship. Everyone has their own ideal image and emerges from personal experience, education, relationships with parents. No less important are the first experience of communication and sex.

Image visualization
To realize your list, try visualizing it. Then it will turn out to control the selection process.

For example, you met a girl who meets several of your preferences. She already stands out from the rest. You can easily regard love as true love, and all its flaws will seem trifles. Others will only assent: no one is perfect.

But if a clear understanding of all the qualities of the future darling develops in the mind, it will be possible to calmly analyze the situation. Some time after the start of the relationship, an understanding will emerge of which of the preferences are present in this girl, and what you will not put up with. This method does not need to be applied to each one they come across, but only to the one that at first glance seems to be as close to ideal as possible.

Many serious relationships that should not exist are held due to a false attitude: “I can’t find a better girl.” This may be a manipulation on her part. It is enough to repeat a couple of times such as it cuts into the memory of an inspired young man and becomes a worldview.

But such a feeling can also arise as a result of a partial coincidence of the parameters from the list. Everyone knows the saying about a tit in their hands. It seems that the probability of finding a better one is extremely small, and so you are incredibly lucky.

In this case, it is recommended to do regular arithmetic. Feel free to divide the population of your city by two – all the same, the majority are women. Take away about half more (too old and too young) – this will turn out to be the number of potential candidates. But this is not all, the real number of girls who will meet in life is much greater.

It is important to constantly get acquainted. This not only increases your chances of finding a girl, but also gives you valuable experience – meeting, seducing and generally understanding your ideal. That is why the guys who completed our training are successful, oddly enough, in creating a serious relationship.

You can achieve a lot along this path, but without the right thinking you cannot achieve what you really want. The way you think about yourself, relationships and the woman you are going to make your girlfriend determines how you develop your connection with her.

This is probably one of the most important topics when it comes to developing relationships, but for some reason this is not talked about so often. Demography in this case is the idea that some types of women flock to certain places, social circles and organizations.

So, forget about clubs and similar hotspots, this is an imaginary variety. How can you try to find a girl for a real serious relationship here? For example, what women do you think go to parties every weekend? Definitely not the type with whom you can build relationships. Of course, there are exceptions. Perhaps you will notice one who feels awkward in such a place and is in a hurry to leave. Maybe you and she were here by chance, for the company.

Important! Choose places where there are a variety of girls who are definitely not looking for dating. It can be, for example, a street with a lot of office buildings, from where everyone goes home in the evening, and in the afternoon for lunch. A busy woman does not have time for clubs, but the right priorities and personal qualities.

Among other places where you can find a girl who is capable of developing a serious relationship:

  1. book shop;
  2. yoga studio;
  3. gym;
  4. cooking courses;
  5. community organizations (stray animals care volunteers);
  6. activist groups (not feminists, of course);
  7. self-development groups;
  8. training courses.

Important! Before deciding where to go, decide what you want, and whether it will be interesting for you in the chosen place.

Constant readiness
The right choice can be made only with experience. It includes the number of women seduced by you. It is unlikely that it will be possible to find the one, the only one, the first time.

By Cindy
March 24, 2020

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