The ex-girlfriend wants to return. What to do?

The main symptom that can manifest itself in the most, even sophisticated, forms is persistent attempts to get in touch, to remind oneself. The problem with the guys is that you don’t understand the hints, so even with fairly obvious attempts to attract the attention of the girls, they can keep the distance they need for their game. It is extremely rare that an ex-girlfriend calls / comes to a guy for a meeting and directly says: “I want to renew our relationship.”

So how can an ex-girl who wants to come back act.

Calls and messages. She can write or call as if by accident (a provocation, allegedly mistakenly numbering) or invent an excuse by which she needs to be contacted, although she, of course, did not really want this. Further, the situation will develop depending on how you react to her attempt to get in touch.

Meeting offers. If you communicate, then she can offer a meeting or fine-tune it. Indeed, you can remain friends, she says. If the guy is not initially eager to communicate with the former, then it is not difficult to come up with a reason for the meeting: “give keys”, “pick up things”. And, of course, she knows where you are, so making an “accidental” meeting is not difficult. All these intersections do not seem to oblige to anything, but allow the girl to take a closer look at your behavior next to her.

Building bridges to the past. You communicate as friends, but she often recalls with nostalgia your past together. This is already a pretty obvious hint, however, it is again, as it were, out of business – you just remember the old days, and that absolutely does not mean anything.

Flirt. The most obvious sign, and I would not talk about it if the men understood the hints. It is difficult to describe flirting: this is a frivolous behavior, which in which case can be imagined as just a friendly joke.
It is important to understand that after parting in 95% of cases, former girls somehow remind of themselves – it does not matter who initiated the separation. And their behavior should not be unambiguously evaluated as a desire to return. Girls love to possess, and often for years lead a string of exes who are periodically fed with hope. Therefore, it is very important how you react to such “beacons”. It will always be useful advice not to rush. Extra initiative on your part in most cases will only hurt, but full control of emotions is superfluous. But the most important thing is to understand what you want in this situation.

So, you saw one or several signs at once that the ex-wife (girl) wants to return. The question arises: what to do? This is important, because if you just meet her, then you can stay with nothing. Perhaps her interest will end immediately after the response. So before doing anything, I recommend reading our forum, where there are a huge number of detailed return stories, or my works on this topic.

Actually, the answer to the question: what to do? If you want to return her, then in most cases you will have to seduce her again. But this is a completely different story. To do this, you need to study the return process thoroughly so as not to make mistakes.

The most important thing is to decide whether you want it yourself. In fact, it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is one thing that a girl wants to return, another is whether you yourself want this. You may need to find answers to important questions.

  • Did she have men?
  • How do you feel about the fact that she has already managed to start a relationship with someone?
  • Was she or you the initiator?
  • If you are, do you still have a grudge?
  • Do you trust her? If she left you, and for someone else’s sake, and now she wants to return, can you trust her in the future?

If you were the initiator of the breakup, then think carefully whether you need it. Remember why you left her. What changed?

If the ex-girlfriend / wife wants to return, and you do not mind, then everything seems to be fine. However, here you can make mistakes. In any case, everything will not immediately become as before and there will be many nuances in building new relationships. And even at the moment when the couple wants to converge, men often make mistakes that never allow the couple to recover. A woman can literally in one day be disappointed in her decision to resume relations, if her ex did not correct the mistakes during the breakup, and even vice versa – has degraded.

So, if you want to return the former – it doesn’t matter, on your or her initiative – you won’t be able to sit back.

By Cindy
March 23, 2020

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