How to put up with a girl after a quarrel

Surely you had cases when you inadvertently insulted a girl. Unfortunately, there is no panacea. Each situation is unique and requires an in-depth analysis of specific actions. Therefore, today I will try to make out the most popular options.

Causes of conflicts and ways to resolve them:

You were wrong and aware of this. Ideally, you should be a gentleman, that is, keep yourself in control, and even more so not break down on a weaker floor, regardless of the situation. However, if this happened, then you should sincerely admit your guilt and apologize to the girl. It is necessary to explain their motives, to express understanding that she was unpleasant and calmly say “sorry.” No need to humiliate or try to earn forgiveness. Your task is to sincerely apologize while maintaining your dignity.

  • The girl was offended by you, and you, as they say, neither sleep nor spirit.

Resentment of this kind is one of the means of controlling a weak-minded man. That is, you are right in any situation, but she makes you guilty, without explaining the reasons. In this case, we should not apologize. There are three ways to get out of this situation:

  1. Stop communication and delete it from life.
  2. Expand its manipulations by the logical method and show its wrong.
  3. Do not contact until she pleads guilty.

The first option is objectively the best, although the most difficult in terms of decision-making and volitional effort. Understand that if a girl tries to manipulate you, then she does not value you and does not respect you, not to mention love.

The second is the rarest, but if you have a good command of persuasion and negotiation, and, preferably, logical postulates, or at least social psychology, you can put the situation on the shelves.

Ignore, with full awareness of his own rightness, works less efficiently. Not every woman is ready to admit her wrong. However, if this does not help and she does not apologize, we return to the first point, where it is written in black and white that with this behavior the girl understands that she does not need you.

  • There was a misunderstanding between you.

In this case, you need to let both yourself and the girl cool down, because talking on emotions will only harm your relationship. Explain your vision of the situation calmly, and then suggest a solution that could satisfy both of you.
Quarrel caused by revenge. This garbage forms a closed cycle of aggression, which can be resolved only by calm conversation. You need to calmly explain to the girl that you were hurt by the fact that she did so. If her behavior has crossed the line of your understanding – drop her. Realize what is acceptable for you and what is not, because a woman behaves with you exactly the way you yourself allow her.
Now I want to tell you some general tips.

Instead of constantly saying “I’m sorry,” you need to work on yourself and remove in your attitude to it the part that hurts her.
During reconciliation, focus on the positive qualities of the girl.

By Cindy
March 21, 2020

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