What to talk about on a date with a girl

I have repeatedly mentioned that what you say on a date is almost irrelevant. But most of the guys who have just begun to comprehend the art of seduction, need a clear dialogue structure, at least for a start.
The structure is prescribed in order not to say too much, much that does not lead to sex and rapprochement. It is foolish to give a set of topics that you need to speak on a date, because you yourself must learn this. Even on the most interesting topics you can rant boringly, while an experienced seducer can surprise you with the simplest topics, revealing them in a new way. To develop this ability in yourself, read many books and communicate with a large number of people. It will make you erudite. I would advise you to learn to joke, and in particular, to master sarcasm, as this greatly develops the mind, and exquisitely emphasizes your image. I also recommend that you have people around you who get along with everyone, speak beautifully and interestingly. Communicating with such people, you can adopt their methods in communication.

If you don’t know what to talk about, just tell about yourself without exaggeration and pathos. Designate your goals, objectives, dreams, successes, hobbies, your worldview and attitude to various things, lifestyle, preferences in music and films. All of this can be great for you to combine with almost any person, because for sure there are a couple of areas that you are both interested in. Do not talk about it constantly, and do not drag out the conversation for more than fifteen minutes. Most will get tired of your story, even if it is insanely interesting. You can violate this time limit only if you are a professional in communication and know how you can instantly focus on the story, as well as give the person an emotional discharge during the story so that he becomes more attentive.

It is important to show your social activity. Talking about friends is necessary only in a positive way, otherwise you can get a bad name. You can tell interesting stories that happened to you or to friends.

As a life hack, I advise you to have a couple of photos on your phone, where you and the girls are in a great angle at the event. This shows that you enjoy a certain popularity with the female, which will cause additional interest in the girl you like.

Surely your life is rich enough to tell a couple of interesting stories. If not, then work on yourself and strive for a vibrant life. After your story, ask the girl to tell about herself, about what she loves. If you come across a silent girl, carefully ask leading questions.

Some girls do not want to talk about themselves, so it should be empirically found topics of interest to her and focus on them. You need to learn to adapt to a person, even without preparation. You need to be very flexible situationally, because this is one of the main qualities of a seducer.

Be sure to compliment the girl. It is very important. But remember this thing: in compliments, what the girl worked hard on is nice. Suppose if you say that she looks great, this, of course, will be good. It will be even better if you are aware that she goes to the gym every day to keep her figure in shape and you accent your compliment on exactly how slender she is. Or, if she learned to sing all her life, tell me how she sings beautifully. These compliments are a priori more enjoyable, because anyone likes it when their work is seen by a person from outside. No need to flatter.

By Cindy
March 18, 2020

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