How to develop a sense of humor and use in a relationship with a girl

Humor is a powerful thing. Even if you do not relate to the relationship between a man and a woman, he helps us very much almost every day. A well-pronounced good joke can defuse tense situations or set a sad company in a more positive mood (dispel boredom). Taunting people is the fastest way to get in the spotlight and make people listen to you. You can also use humor in relation to yourself. This is called self-irony. When everything falls apart and life crumbles to pieces, you have two options: to feel sorry for yourself and do nothing, or laugh at yourself and turn the situation around in your favor.

We figured it out. Let’s talk now, can a person somehow improve his own sense of humor. If so, how.

How to develop a sense of humor?

In my opinion, if we talk about the sense of humor of an ordinary person (not an artist, not an actor), then there are three main components that absolutely any person can develop in themselves. These are not some secret techniques, but, as you know, all ingenious is simple. It is important that absolutely everyone can develop them: any gender and age.

Now I want to focus on the technical side of humor – its genres.

  • Improvisation. Perhaps the most important skill that affects not only a sense of humor, but also many other aspects of the human person. To begin to improvise, you just need to let go of the internal censor. And this is useful: you drop internal blocks, get rid of complexes. And improvisation is always funny, even if the joke is not entirely successful. The fact is that one of the triggers that causes a person to laugh is surprise.

How to develop: practice and practice again. Of course, the best thing is to go to courses or to a special school of improvisation. Such already exist in many cities. An alternative is acting courses. They are necessarily taught this. Well, any humorous currents. They also teach to write jokes. But you can pump yourself. You can improvise constantly and everywhere. The point is a quick reaction and that you don’t really think about what you are doing. Jokes and any actions are not considered.

  • Procurement. Previously, every self-respecting man knew several funny jokes. Particularly advanced and artistic could put the joke in roles and tell not even the funniest so that everyone rode with laughter. Such “comedians” were always appreciated and were welcome guests. Now jokes are a bad manners, but they have more advanced analogues, which, however, require no less professionalism from the narrator. For example, you can retell your favorite jokes from the performances of famous comedians or from films. If you correctly tell, then make fun of anyone. The main thing is not to appropriate a joke to yourself and understand what is the comic effect.

How to develop: watch more comedies and comedy performances. This alone adjusts to the desired mood. Download a couple of iconic comedy series (Friends, Office, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation), watch comedies and comedian performances. After hearing a cool joke, immediately retell it several times – until you can accurately repeat all the intonations, pauses and strong moments. Immediately write a joke in a notebook (in a notebook on your phone) so that at a convenient moment you can repeat yourself and tell your friends. Over time, it will turn out better and better. Train first on close friends.

  • Stories. Each person has interesting and funny stories from life. If not, then you live bored or simply cannot remember. So, remember. Surely there was a lot of interesting things at school and college, in the camp, in the village of my grandmother — anywhere. Next, you need to restore the story and learn how to tell it. Do not be shy to exaggerate a little to enhance the comic effect.

How to develop: write down all the stories that you remember. Learn to tell each of them so that there is no stumbling block. Identify the funniest moments and present them correctly. The story will be considered funny if those who did not participate in it laugh. Another useful thing is any oratory courses, storytelling.

How else to develop a sense of humor?
Professional courses. There are courses on pumping up a sense of humor. But here you need to be careful. I would advise going to the ones that come from real comedians. On the Internet you can find free records – it’s good to understand the basics.

Circle of friends. It is difficult to be a positive person if you are surrounded by dull and uneducated people. Humor is a subtle thing; it can be dumb and clumsy. This is the case when you can say: better than nothing. Your circle defines you. And if you and your friends are laughing at the most childhood memes on the Internet and yard jokes, then things are bad.

I think you understand how important it is for a man to have a sense of humor, and now you do not believe in excuses that he cannot be developed. And if you think you’re joking so well, then try to improve your skill. For example, try to make more adult and intelligent people laugh. The main thing is not to stop developing!

By Cindy
March 16, 2020

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