How to determine if a girl loves you

Sometimes it is useful to solve a problem from the contrary. Therefore, let’s first decide on a list of factors that directly say that the girl definitely does not love you, but rather uses it for her own purposes:

  • You feel the tricks of manipulation;
  • Usually she behaves badly, but softens when she receives gifts, thereby training you;
  • Shifts away from any duties, as a result you do everything (including housework);
  • He behaves hysterically and allows himself too much;
  • He tries by all methods to bring the wedding closer;
  • Maintains a wide circle of male communication, calling them friends. Responds to attention signs, uses dating services;
  • Gossiping about you, constantly telling you about your shortcomings;
  • I came up with a whole list of missing properties that are supposedly characteristic of a real man.

Amazingly, very few men notice even these most obvious signs. What can we say about the rest, which are not so noticeable, but even more insidious. A good relationship can only be where mutual feelings are supported by friendship. These are interconnected concepts and one cannot exist without the other.

The fact is that a girl is able to love only that man who is stronger than her. He must decide, lead and dominate. Such a man is difficult to manipulate. But to the weaker – easy. Good quality smart and strong man – he never believes in what the girl says. She only evaluates her behavior and what she really does. Because the woman’s logic is peculiar, she enters into a dispute with herself. And if you listen to her, the life of both will turn into chaos.

There is a plausible theory that a girl has one true love in her life. The rest is a relationship where partners use each other (depending on who is stronger). So, being in love, the girl becomes simply exponentially correct. Does not change, does not lie, does not tremble nerves, sincerely adores, cares and performs all its female functions in full. She supports her man even in difficult times, including financially. Helps him grow in the professional field.
A loving girl easily copes with typical flaws, which in other conditions seem completely uncontrollable. She practically does not happen protracted “headaches”, because of which the couple does not have sex for many weeks. She agrees to make various concessions and does not constantly stand in a pose, does not defend her point of view at all costs (although it is usually not a point of view, but meaningless bickering). A loving girl respects the personal space of a man, does not limit hobbies and communication with other people. She prefers to say that she is worried and worried, and any comments are made in a tactful manner. I think you yourself understand what I’m talking about.

An important indicator is the lack of destructive behavior. You will not begin to rock the boat when you are far from the coast, even if you do not like the person with whom you have to share it. But the girl who does not love will be. Although it would seem logical that you are a man, you have all the responsibility, you only need to help and reap the fruits of success together. If a girl loves, she also tries to act responsibly: she respects the family budget and is not influenced by spender friends. Love is always accompanied by sexual desire, if there is no ill health (for real).

A loving woman will do nothing to offend, humiliate, or discredit a man. Especially in public. That is, she does not yell at him and does not discuss what should remain between the two of them, outside the house. She also loves herself, which means she constantly looks after herself and tries to always look good, especially when she is next to you. And this, by the way, is one of the markers of the fact that the relationship will end soon: the woman relaxed and starts to start herself. So she can afford to show you her worst side.

The girl in love will not critically evaluate the ideas of the couple, obviously looking for flaws and predicting failure. She understands that in her lover one needs to cherish strong qualities, and not the psychology of the loser.

But sometimes, of course, stressful situations will happen. The girl also wants to understand that you are not limp and not sour, so she will periodically arrange checks. If you are sure that she loves you, then do not be alarmed if she suddenly becomes a little inadequate. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you have become lazy and relaxed. At this moment, you need to answer correctly, showing your masculinity. And then – pull yourself together and go forward again.

I think every guy who has at least a little experience communicating with different girls has learned a lot from what I wrote above. If you have your thoughts or questions about this – share them in the comments.

By Cindy
March 15, 2020

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