How to attract female attention?

  • The ability to play the guitar.

Your buddies may not appreciate it. But a woman will never, never condemn and ignore, but vice versa! No wonder that in the past the most cheeky girls went to young men with a guitar. There are a whole range of reasons. Here you also have sensitive hands (and they are suitable not only for playing musical instruments). And a certain flair of romance and sentimentality (that is, a sign that the playing companion is clearly not an insensitive goat). Plus a tempting prospect that in our honor, in case of a successful outcome of events, serenades will be played.

  • The ability to cook.

The reason for our enthusiasm, I think so, is that the culinary man fulfills his archetypal role – feeds the woman (and the girls are very sensitive to such manifestations, and in general they like to eat deliciously).

It’s not at all necessary to be a Michelin cook (although it is very useful to be as radiant as Jamie Oliver) or to work equally well with poultry, fish, meat and canned goods. Ideally, you should have one or two main dishes – not too simple, but not too sophisticated. Such, you know, with a twist and preferably flickering in restaurant menus. In this case, sitting in a restaurant with a companion, you can always notice with significance that your dorado with Provencal herbs does not turn out to be so overdried and, of course, invite the girl to a tasting evening. Well, there, having seen you at the stove, confident and at the same time so touching at home (do not forget about the apron !!!) … Oh, the evening will surely turn out as it should (the main thing is that it REALLY is your signature dish and the morning is not overshadowed by intestinal disorders).

  • Ability to drive a car.

And even better – a motorcycle that is generally a fetish of fetishes. But, in fact, it does not matter – neither the type nor the model of the vehicle. It is important that you control yourself and the situation (on the road). Not any curses and “where you go, freak,” vile clippings and popping up on the oncoming lane. Only maneuverability, responsibility, speed of reaction and preoccupation with the process are what we value so much in you. Add to this the feeling that the girl literally trusts you with her life (and understands that she does it in vain) – an extremely exciting and deep feeling is obtained.

And so, by the way: in the female environment there is an opinion – what kind of man is driving, such is he in bed (the myth about the size of a car, inversely correlating with the size of a member, by the way, is much less popular).

  • The ability to get along with children.

Well, here, I think, no need to explain. Women from the very first minutes of acquaintance subconsciously try on you the role of husbands and fathers of families. To discern a potentially perfect daddy in you means to give you carte blanche in absentia. In addition, the sight of a guy nursing a baby is how peaceful, intimate and eloquent the spectacle is … Even if in the process of communicating with the baby the guy simultaneously manages to play the guitar, control the Harley and cook the spaghetti, you just can’t note 🙂

P.S. The fifth point, I would also add the ability to “adequately respond to women’s tears.” But in reality, there are only a few — well, that is, in reality units from a millionth population! – capable of it.

By Cindy
March 14, 2020

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