How to make a girl happy

Strong relationships are those in which a man has learned to make his girlfriend happy. In most couples, after the candy-bouquet period ends, quarrels begin to occur. This is not surprising: a man relaxes, ceases to be as romantic and interesting as at the very beginning. Therefore, you need to be able to make your woman happy at any time in your relationship.

Fidelity and trust

This is honesty, first of all, in front of oneself. She breeds respect for her girlfriend. No need to flirt and especially walk to the left. If there is no trust, then why do you need such a relationship? Do you really want to live in a lie? The other extreme is the ability to forgive. Do not make an elephant out of a fly if it made the slightest mistake. Making mistakes is even good, at least normal.

Admit guilt, if any

As I said, everyone is wrong. But the ability to recognize this is an important indicator of the adequacy and development of a person. And the girls are not stupid, they can draw conclusions. The simple word “sorry” can smooth the situation and build trust between you.

Do not forget to say “I love you”

It seems to the man that he shows his feelings by actions, but it is also extremely important for girls to hear confirmation of this. Do not speak too often, do not discount these words, but do not forget to do it on time. Remember how long you spoke to your beloved about your feelings.

Show real interest

Your girlfriend misses you when you are at work or away. Do not wait – call yourself or send her a nice message. It’s not necessary to chat for hours on end, even a 5-minute conversation on your initiative will make her happy. Even if you are very busy, you can find a little time. Then you will not complain that she blows your brain with messages and calls during work.

Be frank

Perhaps in your past there are moments that you would like to keep silent about, but this does not mean that you need to be secretive. No need to be a complete mystery to your woman if you have a serious relationship. Are you sure about it? Meet family and friends. Tell about yourself, about your childhood, do not wait until others do it. Help her feel important: ask for help on issues that she understands – for example, which tie to pick up for an important meeting.

Keep giving her time and attention

The development of relations in a serious stage does not mean the onset of a complete routine. It is unlikely that the girl will feel happy if she understands that you are relaxed. She, like you, remembers how much time you spent together at the very beginning and what emotions it caused you. Try to give her at least part of them. Over time, you will learn how to make the most ordinary evening romantic, and now – at least try it.

Don’t keep her on a short leash

A girl for complete happiness should feel a little free. Otherwise, you will strangle her with your attention, and she will simply run away. She also has friends and interests – do not take them away. Do not be jealous, jealous of weak and insecure men. Confidence will be the best way to make her miss you, even among her best friends.

Show respect

It is foolish to want something from a person if you yourself do not give it. Your attitude towards each other is mirrored. Listen to what she says and make it clear that this is important to you. Show that you value her victory and sincerely glad for her development. If she has an important period in her life, support and say that you believe in her success. When she complains about someone, be by her side. This is much more important than a specific action plan. In the end, she is an adult and can resolve her minor conflicts at work, but she can only get support and comfort from you.

Do not be afraid to be gentle in public

This is your woman, and none of the adequate people will condemn you for a kiss in the square. Let everyone around you envy how happy you are. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate it.

Notice her beauty

Be attentive to your girlfriend and remember the changes. She will be pleased if you praise a new hairstyle or makeup. She is trying to be more beautiful for you. You do not need empty compliments, although you can sometimes say, “You are very beautiful today”. A much more valuable compliment. And such reasons are always enough: the choice of clothes, a new perfume, her good mood, the color of her handbag.

Make pleasant surprises

This is what can suddenly make a girl happy. A small love note or a whole letter of recognition. It may seem to you that such romance is out of date, but nothing of the kind! You will see the result! Just do not ask forgiveness in this way.

Give gifts right

Many men think that expensive gifts will make the girl happy. But such gestures are not always sincere and can devalue your feelings over a long distance. It is much cooler to do surprises often, but it can be just inexpensive tokens. What matters is not value, relevance and surprise.

Do not pretend

If you want to appear as someone, then sooner or later you will figure it out. A girl will be unhappy with you if you initially deceived her. That who you are cannot change this. Do not play the role, be yourself.

Know how to make her funny

You don’t have to be Jim Carrey to give your girlfriend a smile. If you show diligence, then with time you yourself will understand what can make her laugh. Everyone has a sense of humor, even if it’s hard to make out.

Make her feel like a queen

No need to pamper her always. It must be a rare moment that she will remember. He will make her happy. Take care of your girlfriend – let her feel like she is a queen or just a little girl. Compose a poem for her or learn a serenade.

Show tenderness

If a girl forgot how pleasant hugs and kisses are, then it can hardly be called happy. There is nothing easier than to greet her with a kiss, hold her hand at the door or hug in a movie theater. Girls love touch and bodily contact; they like to kiss. Do not deprive her of this.

Now you have a lot of tips to help you make your girlfriend happy every day, even if you have been together for a long time. Use them, and your relationship will become so strong that everyone around you will envy!

By Cindy
March 13, 2020

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