The art of parting: leaving, do not leave

This question is usually of interest to the lucky ones who survived an intelligent expense without aggravating circumstances in the form of broken teeth, calls to 911, murderous confessions of spontaneously revealed homosexuality, etc. Say, we met / lived, but something was not right and wrong, and now a decision has ripened on each to go their own way. We parted, but what to do next is not very clear.

Well, firstly, in my opinion, that’s the way – politely and in an adult way, without too much bloodshed, and we must leave. But here much depends on the psychotypes of the diverging themselves. And secondly, the tender friendship between the “exs” is by no means a fantastic scenario, but a very real and extremely nice prospect. Honestly, with a competent approach, ex-men make great male friends. That’s straight flawless!

But closer to the point.

The longer I watch the freshly separated girls (and in the autumn their ranks noticeably replenish – summer vacations are likely to affect), the more I become convinced: the most unforgivable mistake on the part of a man – in response to a woman’s request to leave her alone – really leave her alone . That is, no longer come to her either for sex, or for conversations, or even just lie drunk on the rug in the hallway. And just take it and disappear.

Yes, usually girls in each other’s society love to mock the ghosts of the past.

But you do not believe: all this arrogance and slander is a fiction of pure water. The woman is pleased (and what is really necessary) to know that the “ex” still considers her as a satisfactory of her physical and mental needs. Moreover, the best satisfactor – therefore, comes back again and again …

If you really exaggerate, the main goal that a woman pursues in a relationship is to become for you, if not the only one, then, surely, special. Sink into the mind. Sign up for a shortcut. To earn the status of “That Same”, about whom you will speak with aspiration, becoming bald and weak. Check in, in short. And vice versa: there is nothing worse than feeling like a passing option. And if you shook yourself off and went, it means there wasn’t between you and, even worse, nothing special in it. And that means that there is a great chance that the ending of the next relationship will be just as bleak.

Therefore, yes, I literally insist that you need to come to the former. Moreover, to come for what, in their opinion, they did best. Of course, not immediately after dividing the family silver, but after 2-3 weeks, when the woman bursts into tears, speak out and calm down a little. Around this moment, usually the insight condescends on us that life, in fact, goes on and that we should slowly begin to arrange it. But how to go to conquer new peaks when self-esteem is at zero, and in the soul there is an oppressive feeling that for the next guy you can become “just another one”? And here, for the sake of gaining a bright future, the past in your face should give a voice. The girl who has survived the trauma needs a reason for self-love – and the “ex”, who is encircling the threshold of her house, in this sense is an ideal “reflective surface”.

Talking about love is not necessary or even desirable (otherwise it can lead you to the second round). All that is required of you is the first time after parting to demonstrate an irresistible, literally fatal craving for the one without which you now have to fly with one wing. This does not qualify as nerve-wracking and tedding of the past, but quite the opposite – as a generous and sensitive attitude to the needs (mostly unconscious) of a woman.

And in general, what am I trying to persuade you? Without exaggeration, without exaggeration, the best in its segment. Here you and sniper knowledge of each other (months / years of training were not in vain). And notes of nostalgic sentimentality (oh, this ingredient makes women especially rampant). And anger, sublimated into lust (after all, it’s not from a good life that you parted). And the drama from the thought of the momentality of the created lawlessness (yes, it was a mistake, but it will never happen again!) And a strong desire to show the “class” (remember about “checking out”). And much more.

Amazing sex from an old memory, of course, is not the only way to establish friendships with ex.

By Cindy
March 12, 2020

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