How not to get into the “friendzone”?

Do you want to “stop being her friend, and become someone more”? Read the tips.

  • Don’t be too affordable

Spoil a woman – just spit. In the first weeks, it’s enough to always be free for her and to agree to any of her offers (even received on Friday after 23-00 – and this usually means that more exciting plans have broken off, and your society is still better than none). Will become curious why did not pick up the phone – answer evasive “was busy.” Some mystery must be present not only in a woman, but also in you, dear.

  • Do not become a vest

The only guaranteed way to make a woman stop telling you about heart matters is to cut off her tongue (and there is a great risk that she will “knock” her recognition with Morse code). But the correct reaction will still help moderate her ardor. The correct one in this case is none. Nod out of place, look to the side, say something every three minutes in the spirit of “well, that’s it …”. In short, demonstrate complete indifference. But – and this is important !!! – all the other details of girl’s life (how old she was accustomed to the pot / what she loves more – sushi or pasta / why Keanu Reeves thinks is better than Stalone, etc.) should obviously cause you increased attention. We love those we are interested in – a truth proven more than once by psychologists.

  • Do not assent.

The presence of a penis obliges you not only to write standing, but also to have your own opinion (forgive me for reminding). If a girl tells a story, in the context of which, in your understanding, she looks like a nasty and traitor, do not hypocritically nod and agree, they say, who would have acted differently. These girlfriends usually approve of each other’s oddities, so as not to escalate the situation (well, because saying “baby, you are absolutely right” is much easier and safer than voicing a counter opinion). Conformism is a convenient feature. But some … not at all sexy.

  • Do not share food.

Usually either couples or the best girlfriends feed from one vessel. Thus, first you have to get the official status of a boyfriend, and then share with her one bucket of popcorn for two and let him carry your french fries. You will go in the reverse order – you will be recorded in girlfriends without the right to amnesty.

  • Do not delay with a kiss.

Those who regularly read me have probably noticed that I am an adherent of the rule: it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret. That is why I am convinced: you should definitely try to kiss the girls you love no later than 4 weeks after meeting. Take it for a while – and the prospect of moving from a chatter to “something more” will seem to her a kind of incest. Yes, the textbook “you are a good guy, but …” in most cases arises precisely because you overexposed (and not at all because she feels like a trembling creature against the background of your impeccable one).

And finally: don’t think that man’s, so to speak, assertiveness, insults women (of course, we are talking about men with whom we voluntarily call each other, drink coffee, go to cinema, etc.). On the contrary! We are offended when they do not want us. Or it seems to us that they don’t want to, because the differences between a simply timid guy and a disinterested guy outwardly appear very, very conditionally.

By Cindy
March 11, 2020

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