15 classic first date mistakes

  • Be late

If a woman makes you wait, then she is not late, but is delayed (because make-up, curl curls, untwist curls and stretch hair with a curling iron, measure 5 dresses, cry, repeat make-up, decide in favor of shorts with heels, etc. ) A man who appeared not at 7, but at 7:20 – a boor and a fool. If you are not able to correctly plan your own time, you will not cope with a woman.

  • Don’t have a plan

The last thing a woman wants to hear when she comes to a meeting where you yourself called her to is a sluggish “Well, what shall we do?” It so happened historically that the animation function (at least in the context of the first time) lies entirely with the man. Not happy – start dating guys.

  • Take the wrong position

Any psychologist will tell you, but I will confirm: a stranger, sitting at a table directly opposite, calls an uncontrolled nerve and is associated more with a threat investigator than with a cute charm who, after a couple of hours, might want to kiss. I would not advise flopping next to me either – it’s too intimate for the first date, and you’ll probably push your elbows. The best option is to sit diagonally to each other. So the conversation will flow more relaxedly, and the girl will have room for maneuver to flirtatiously look away and allow the straps of the dress to fall off her shoulder.

  • Order wings, ribs and other “sloppy” food

Perhaps Mursi women would be impressed by how you carnivorously bite into the flesh of an innocently killed animal, suck on bones and crackle with cartilage. But in refined, emancipated us, this will most likely cause awkwardness and disgust. And a vegan girl may even have a tachycardia attack, if not worse.

  • Talk only about yourself

Etching stories that put you in the right (read: heroic, romantic, etc.) light is a standard procedure for a first date. But to be limited only to this genre means that it is guaranteed to be imprinted in the eyes of a girl by a chatterbox and a show off. Tales with your participation and questions addressed to your companion should go in the proportion of 50:50. Adhering to such a scheme, you: a) do not talk too much; b) demonstrate your attention and interest in the person of the companion; c) you won’t be racking your brains, what else would you like to talk about besides the weather.

  • Mention the ex

Neither good nor bad. If the person you are meeting with has an unhealthy interest in this topic, you should: a) characterize her predecessor and the situation on personal fronts in a capacious and calm manner (“We broke up almost a year ago. We didn’t agree with the characters. We don’t support the contact. No, the scar on the face not from her ”); b) make a note for herself that the girl is not painfully versed in gender etiquette and, possibly, even with a fool.

  • Embellish reality

It is not a fact that the girl will decide in your favor precisely thanks to information about the black belt in Muay Thai, knowledge of 5 foreign languages ​​and real estate in Portugal. But he will definitely be disappointed when it later becomes clear (and this is inevitable) that the only thing you can boast of is an indefatigable fantasy.

  • Complain

Heartbreaking stories about how your mother fed you cat food as a child, you didn’t go to college because there was no doom, and at work the boss gave you a typewriter and wooden abacus instead of a computer, leave it for later. And it’s better to be with you.

  • Reply to mobile and sms

A telephone disconnected for dinner is a much simpler, more elegant and intuitive way to let your companion know that you are seriously interested in everything that happens and in it than even the most curly bouquet.

  • Compare

“In profile you are the spitting image of Lindsay Lohan!”, “Speak word for word like my mother”, “When you sneeze, you look like this, you know, cute badger!” – compliments based on comparison are dangerous in that each of us has our own associative series. And you still don’t know each other well enough, so the probability of a “misfire” is critically high.

  • Criticize

Is she listening to Justin Bieber? Thin 40-year-old Macallan ?! First dates are needed for this, so that you, like your companion, have a chance to evaluate the person sitting opposite. Listen, observe, draw conclusions. But do not openly attack. You still won’t teach good – you won’t just have time, but you will remember the evil asshole.

  • Overdo it with alcohol

In general, not drinking on a first date is stupid. The tension is enormous, and somehow we need to get rid of it. But even worse, getting drunk. Almost every girl I know has a story in his biography when a gentleman got into a peacock scream and the next day he called, blamed, and explained. Keep in mind: no one will consider this a veiled compliment of their own irresistibility, which demoralized you.

  • Declaration of love

You may not believe me, but among men there are exalted types who, after 5 minutes of communication, begin to grab women’s hands, declare their love and call for a walk in the registry office, without waiting for dessert. Probably, it seems to them that this is such a trick – to dazzle the girl with her hyper-spontaneity and emotional overwhelming. At the same time, it is understandable from the very beginning that at best one out of a million will answer “Class! I love you too! They ran rather to get married! ” The remaining 999,999 girls will consider you either a buffoon or a psycho. Both roles are not the most successful.

  • Be greedy

Among me and my friends, there are clear signs of a misery – this is, firstly, calculating the tip amount with a calculator or, in principle, refusing to pay for the service (“This malacholny confused the dorado with the sea bass! Yes, it’s necessary to shoot for this, not to reward!”). And secondly, the offer to pay for dinner equally.

  • Do not put a beautiful point

You will be surprised, but many girls, having arrived home after an ideal meeting, experience a fit of self-doubt and begin to reflect on the topic “What if he really didn’t like me?” This is all to the fact that in the case when a lady definitely liked you, and you would not mind repeating, continuing, deepening, you are obliged to make a “control shot in the head”. Simply put: in the finale itself, it is unambiguous and open to let the girl know that she is attractive to you. Lyrical passages will come in that it was the best evening in your life. And attempts to agree on the next date. And the desire to steal a slightly less chaste kiss than on the cheek. And even a soft casting of fishing rods about “drop by a visit to coffee.” But the leader of the hit parade is still post-romantic romantic SMS. For a girl this is a kind of material evidence that your gaze burning with passion did not seem to her.

By Cindy
March 9, 2020

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