7 essentials of living together

Of course, I also heard about opposites that are incomprehensibly attracted. And of course, I can recall hundreds of films and books, where the main characters are representatives of different worlds / layers / cultures / professions / political parties and religious denominations, but all the same, it all ends with a happy ending and Mendelssohn. And of course, she herself had more than once plunged into relations with guys with whom we had as much in common as the ferret and the gas burner. However, it is one thing to follow the attraction that has arisen, and it is quite another to try to form at least some semblance of a viable pair. For the second, it’s necessary – and I’m sure of all 200%! – a certain uniformity of views, habits, inclinations, etc. .. My personal background suggests that it is fundamentally important to have a common denominator in the following areas:

It is a pity that a device has not yet been invented that would measure the similarity of temperaments and the level of hypocrisy / licentiousness. It is advisable, at a distance of five meters, so as not to waste time even exchanging phones with inappropriate copies.

Maslow will not let you lie: sleep is one of the vital needs of the human body. And the confrontation between the “owls” and the “Javorons” is sometimes colored by such drama that the Starks and Lanisters did not dream of.

If it were my will, convinced childfree (as well as those who need to multiply sooner) would have been equipped with a special indestructible placard in their entire forehead, where their plans for children would be communicated.

There are many examples where a convinced monogamous and a burnt womanizer (or vice versa) get along under one roof. However, liters of blood drunk from each other is not quite what it is customary to measure years spent together.

Punish 16 hours a day, 7 days a week or interrupt casual earnings? Save or spend? To lend or pretend to be rogue? These and many other questions – in the absence of a synchron in the answers – can rock even the most stable boat of love.

Just as an orthodox vegan will never understand a hereditary carnivore, so a glutton should not associate his life with someone who spends 365 days a year on diets.

If the range of joint interests is limited to only sex, it is more reasonable to communicate with each other exactly in the horizontal plane, and not try to accustom your girlfriend to watch TV shows together, bake pancakes for breakfast, go on weekends to Walmart, etc.

I want you to add: about what else, in your opinion, is it fundamentally important to be in solidarity with the partner?

By Cindy
March 8, 2020

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