How to part with a girl and not become her enemy?

… if you broke up bloodless and, like, culturally
That is, no one edified the horns (or nobly decided to hide this fact), didn’t call himself a “dyed woman”, didn’t show off with sudden confessions that they say that you can fight al-Qaeda with food, did not throw pans, blenders and other traumatic utensils. In other words, not a single one of you, in spite of the stress experienced, has allowed yourself anything that you can now reasonably hate and despise.

… if you do not argue that the responsibility for your break is more on you
Remember and don’t argue: according to the female mind, even if she shook your nerves for three months in a row, then she got carried away by a hard-core fitness trainer, and then she herself came forward with a proposal to run away – you are still to blame. Why? Yes, because I did not leave her any other choice. Forced, you can say. If you were an impeccable gentleman / boyfriend / husband, she would not have to take extreme measures, which, believe me, caused her no less (or rather, even more) suffering than you.

… if you disobey when she utters the sacramental: “Leave me alone!”
Otherwise – i.e. if you really leave, the girl will begin to experience sad thoughts that you never had serious feelings for her, otherwise you would not have managed to get rid of them so famously.

The girl, of course, is indignant at the sight, but deep in her soul she will be flattered – that means she has not spent her best years / months / weeks in vain.

… if then you still leave her alone for a while
For a woman, the mourning period of unfolded relations is the same obligatory element of the program as the ritual of burning joint photos. The processes are intimate (including because they involve eating ice cream in buckets, a long roar, wearing hellish pajamas in bears and ignoring basic hygienic procedures like brushing your teeth), so you should not see it in such a disheveled state. In general, you understand me: after the obligatory annoyances that were discussed in the previous paragraph, it is more reasonable for a while to hide from view, to disappear into the fog, to hide.

… if you pay attention to how prettier she is
You will learn about the end of mourning from social networks, through which your Ex will announce to the world that life, in fact, continues. And as proof, I will attach my photo – the very one from which you will have tachycardia and a tick of the eye, because there are completely bare legs, sassy bangs and lace thongs. “Like” and comment I do not advise. There, without you, there will probably be more than enough likes. Better to call, gusty breathe into the phone and on her irritated (feignedly) “Well, what did you want?” to answer that there is nothing, just that I could not keep silent, how enchantingly luxurious she looks. And do not be fooled by her indifferent “Yeah, thanks” – at moments like this, the girl’s soul rejoices and sings as if she had just been informed about the large-caliber win in the lottery and at the same time was invited to marry.

… if your mourning lasts longer than her
The worst thing you can do after breaking up is to quickly establish your personal life. Worse than this can only be to establish a personal life and let your Ex know about it (for example, through all the same social networks). They don’t forgive such a woman (even if everyone around them is telling them that it’s possible to get in touch with such a perhydrol scarecrow as “your new one” only from extreme despair). Yes, yes, it’s all the same: since you got settled so fast, you didn’t like her at all, which means she spent her best years / months / weeks on insensitive cattle, which means what kind of good attitude can be talked about ?!

… if you are ready to help
Especially when the SOS signal comes from the one that used to screw the lights, repair computers, clean the toilets and change the pads in your car exclusively with your hands. Despite the new haircut and the crowd of admirers who help the girl to experience spending with you using the wedge method, the position of an “economic agent” in her house is still vacant (for decent young ladies, face control is, of course, tougher than for “just sleeping “).

So yes, you have to tinker. The main thing is to find the correct facial expression with which you will appear on the threshold in an embrace with a wrench and a plunger. Something like that, you know, is peace-loving, generous, with notes of condescension, humility and gentle tenderness from the helplessness that Ex so convincingly demonstrates to you.

… if you can beautifully strike memories
So that she loved, loved, and then – bam – and she has no more feelings for you – this happens to women almost as rarely as multiple vaginal orgasms. Let not love, but some overwhelming nostalgia or sentimentality, but nevertheless Ex will surely still gnaw at his heart. And you, as an honest man, are obligated from time to time to spray her old wounds with balm and start conversations under the heading “Do you remember …”. Meaning? All the same – to prove to her that you are not some insensitive cattle there, and she is not some kind of a fool there who wasted her best years / months / weeks.

… if you risk coming for friendly sex
Another mandatory point of the program is to copulate from old memory. Firstly, because the advantages of such sexes are obvious: technical excellence (not without reason you have practiced so much), multiplied by a kaleidoscope of flashbacks and sentimental memories, and seasoned with a persistent feeling that this is your last time. In short, in my opinion, depriving a woman of such a “delicacy” would be dishonest. And secondly, there is no more convincing argument that you still have the warmest feelings for Ex than a standing fly. And this is a demonstration of an indifferent attitude – as you hopefully have already learned – the main thing that makes you a little less ugly freak in girl’s eyes;)

By Cindy
March 5, 2020

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