Proposal without marriage

Are you planning to get married? Make the girl an offer as she deserves!

If at least once it dawned on you that to offer oneself as husbands spontaneously and without any preparations (for example, in the kitchen, after two beers and a series of penalties on the telly) is a good idea, immediately throw this muck out of your head! The tin ring from the can, worn on the finger, only the first 30 seconds seems to the girls “charming and sweet.” For all subsequent decades, we are doomed to live with an oppressive feeling.
I will not argue that a stand on one knee will force a woman who intended to point you at the door in the morning to say yes. But underestimate the significance of the event is also not worth it. Engagement is an episode that only once appears in the couple’s biography. And often it becomes for us women the first and only Really Our Day. Unlike a wedding, where some crazy uncle with an outrageous toast certainly appears among the guests, and the waiter strives to drop the salad exactly to the bride in the neckline (not to mention further life together, which sometimes turns out to be a guess).

In addition, any, even the most naive, girl is aware that passionate speeches and the offering of expensive jewelry are far from being a favorite male occupation. And since you voluntarily agree to participate in this troublesome and generally strange procedure, you really love.

Forgive me my categorization, but you simply do not have the right to take the betrothal process frivolously. I will try to protect you from the most common mistakes.

№ 1

No matter how stupid hens the girlfriends of the future wife may seem to you, then they will come in handy. Choose from the environment of your lady’s heart the one that runs in the category of “closest friend” (the main thing is that she is not obviously bustier and longer-legged bride – otherwise they may suspect a bad one), and actively connect her to the organization of the celebration.

Take my word for it, a girl has yet to be born who refuses to participate in such a charitable deed. Envy and petty quarrels will instantly recede into the background, and the assistant from a low start will rush to find out the size of the ring and look for a tie to the color of your lovers’ eyes.

KEEP IN VIEW: A properly chosen accessory will probably be self-proclaimed by someone like your godmother. So, she will be the first to defend you, when you get drunk to forget to forget the address of the hospital, where your firstborn will be born.

№ 2

Women are turned on all kinds of memorable dates, and if I were you, the operation would have been timed for one of them. It can be anything – the anniversary of the first joint overnight stay or 100 days from the moment when you bought a vacuum cleaner in the pool. The more trifling anniversary you choose, the more romantic you will be considered.

If you have amnesia for such things, and in the short term – vacation, there is no point in missing the chance to do everything beautifully. If you want – believe it, but you want – no, but, according to my personal statistics, even the children who are engaged to Edith Piaf’s homeland turn out to be more beautiful.

IMPORTANT: An alternative to vacation and “your” anniversary can be – do not be surprised – someone else’s wedding. Against the background of other people’s white dresses, we women usually experience a spasm of sentimentality of such force that it is impossible to say “no”.


Classics of the genre: restaurant with intimate lighting, observation deck, promenade. Choosing the first option, do not be lazy to visit the institution in advance. Just calling and reserving a table is not enough. You can easily be planted next to the kitchen, and the clinking of dishes and the waiters hustling alongside will immediately kill all the pathetic. How did this happen to one of my acquaintances: at the most crucial moment, he simply did not succeed – there was not enough banal space – to bow effectively to the chosen one, since the table was located on the way of people with trays.

IMPORTANT: There are options when a separate office in a restaurant / deserted promenade and other intimacy will not work. If you have managed to get in touch with a girl of extravert nature (such people usually speak a lot and speak loudly, like to dance at a bar counter at leisure, etc.), know that she needs an extras, as well as an element of the show in the process of engagement. A tender quiet woman will cry stealthily and whisper “agree”, and an exalted person will start to vote and faint – what’s the point of doing this without witnesses?

№ 4

I am aware of how hard it is for men to verbalize their feelings, but what to do, you have to step on the throat of innate modesty. And the less eloquent you are in ordinary life, the greater the effect your speech will have.

A felt monologue might look like this. Do you recall a sentimental episode from your common past. Are you kidding me that I have never regretted about 100? e. that you had to pay the pimp for her phone number – this will defuse the situation a bit. Then you look into the future and with wide strokes you draw how happy you will be after 10, 20 and 50 years. And then, in fact, asking the girl to give you a chance to prove it.

KEEP IN VIEW: You can write a speech in your own script. The main thing – no “Let’s get married”! Only “Do you agree to become my wife?” or “Will you marry me?” The correct answer implies a correctly asked question.

№ 5

In theory, the bauble that you put on the girl’s finger should demonstrate two things – your viability and good taste. But for me, the second is even more important.

If you have listened to the first advice, your bridesmaid will probably not allow you to invest in some garbage. But just in case, I’ll clarify: the perfect engagement ring is, in fact, the ring itself and one stone with a “foot” mount. Sapphire placers, curly notches, monograms, coats of arms and monograms – all this from the evil one. My personal taste was confirmed by a mini-opinion poll of the female population: the wedding trophy must certainly be elegant. And the concept of “grace” in the female population is approximately the same, which, incidentally, is well understood by the Tiffany and Cartier jewelers.

KEEP IN VIEW: To hide the ring in food is a bad form and generally a dangerous undertaking. One of my friends broke her tooth like this. Of course, this did not affect her answer. But instead of having almost marital sex, the couple spent the night after the engagement to the dentist.

№ 6
No, of course, you can consider as much as you like that it’s not a lordly job to get your trousers dirty, but you still have to plump on your knee. Especially if for a girl marriage with you is the first (if the bride has a bloody experience of divorce in the past, your extravagant trick will be perceived with skepticism, but certainly carefully hidden).

An engagement is, in fact, the only time a man, without losing his dignity, can kneel before a girl (drunk felting in his legs in an attempt to beg forgiveness, of course, is not the same). This is primarily a ceremony, and in this case, the more old-fashioned way you perform it, the more strings of the female soul affect. And as for the views of others, if it happens in public, forget my advice to you. You do it only for her, which is bold and cool in its own way (and in my opinion).

IMPORTANT: I ​​have no idea who it was and when it came up, but for some reason you should get up on your left knee.

№ 7

A limited number of people should know about your intentions: you, a bridesmaid and one of the men for moral support. Well, and maybe the girl’s parents. If all your entourage is aware that on February 14 at 19.00 you are going to make an offer, the bride will lose a special thrill – to notify the world of what happened. Namely, this is what girls usually do, as soon as the official part of the engagement comes to an end.
I remember that one of my friends, suggesting such a turn of events, made a knight’s move: he made friends at the club, not specifying what the tus was about, but warning that the matter was important. When he and his girlfriend, already ringed, joined the company, glasses burst from joyful cries in the bar.

IMPORTANT: You should not correct the girl if, during the subsequent retelling of events, she insists that you were sobbing with happiness, and Justin Bieber specially approached your table to congratulate him on the engagement. This is her story, so she really knows better.

P. S. It is possible that during the course of reading the text you began to be tormented by doubts – why such troubles, when in response you can hear “no”, “found a fool!” or something worse? To this I can tell you one thing. If the proposal is made not in order to oust from the woman’s memory an incident with someone else’s lipstick on your fly, but against the background of stable relationships lasting at least six months – the chance of running into a refusal is minimal.

By Cindy
March 4, 2020

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