6 frightening male types

Of course, the characters described below are far from all, from which self-respecting girls prefer to stay away. There are, for example, womanizer, there are workaholics, there are greedy, in the end, which, according to my observations, also do not cause women much enthusiasm. But some dexterous women find how to accommodate even these comrades in the household. Womanizer, for example, as a rule, try to compensate for the inconvenience caused to partners by charm and technical sex. Workers with the right motivation confidently walk the career ladder and by the age of 40 acquire summer cottages in the Maldives. A greedy can usually be taught to save on everything except the woman you love.

You can not say about the guys, which will be discussed below …. Their permission, let me say it, is able to overshadow in the eyes of women any, even the most solid, sum of advantages. So it’s better, buddy, that you don’t be like that. Well, or as carefully as possible to hide – scary – nature.


Well-known fact: a rare man knows how to sort things out. However, between a passive-aggressive idol playing nerds and a mesmerizing gaze on the ceiling and a guy who squeals with a peacock falsetto in a conflict, waving his arms and rushing out of the house, slamming the doors, the girls definitely choose the first one. If only because they do not intend to give up the right to scream / wave / run away, which they rightly consider their own, purely female.


The point, of course, is primarily competition. If a girl mentally tries on a veil and your last name, then the presence of an omnipresent mother-in-law will greatly overshadow her picture of the future. Especially if, in addition to ubiquity, there are phonics between mom and her sons 5 times a day, sonorous kisses on the lips, discussion of any, even the most intimate, details of personal life. In general, too close, literally suffocatingly close relations between sons of great age and their capable mothers seem to many girls …. hmm … unhealthy or something. Living together with your mother if you are older than 25 years and in terms of income could theoretically afford a separate, if only rented apartment, is actually a sentence.

Bachelor with experience

It is clear that the concept of “experience” is different for everyone. One girl will suspect the presence of some kind of hidden defect, if you are already respectable 30, and you are still not tidied up. Another 55-year-old man with a virgin passport is not scared. In this case, it’s rather not about the presence / absence of a registry office stamp, but about whether you had any serious (that is, lengthy, associated with living together, Sunday trips to the hypermarket groceries, predictable pajama sex and other quiet bourgeois joys) relationships . No, you don’t remember that? To such an extent “no” that not one of your communications lasted longer than three months? In this case, it is better for us girls not to know about it, because nothing will make us get rid of the thought that something is wrong with you.

Large dad

Fathers of families themselves, although in most cases they are not objects of erotic dreams for free girls, do not cause dislikes. On the contrary, these cozy guys in t-shirts covered with a mixture of children and versed in Barbie dolls are better than in sports cars – they are extremely touching and pretty. This is not true of men formally free, but who left each of their former wives a child. For most normal women, the news that the cavalier has three marriages and each of them has an heir is a true sign that it is worth staying away from him. Unless, of course, she does not want to become the next Ex, equipped with a child, and believe me, few people dream of this.

Pretty boy

A man gifted in terms of a strong-willed chin and embossed buttocks is far from the same as a man who realizes how outrageously beautiful he is. The frightening type is the second. First of all, these guys, who are frenzied by their own beauty, are usually completely narcissistic idiots. Secondly, they care too much about their main “competitive advantage”, i.e. beauty: they spend fabulous thousands on clothes, save up for liposuction of their knees, they may forget that they have an appointment, but they will remember exactly that it’s time to make eyebrow corrections and visit a beautician. And most importantly – constantly, whenever possible, look at yourself in the mirror – and this, excuse my gender chauvinism, is somehow feminine and generally wildly annoying. And thirdly, such handsome men are convinced that for women they are a gift from heaven, in the light of which they behave with us in an absolutely brutal way.


I’m not sure that by this term we mean the same thing, so I will try to explain in detail. In man – as in any truly beautiful invention of nature – an element of chaos and absurdity is important. In a bore there is not even a hint of him. Not a single paradoxical feature, not a gram of a charming freak, nothing of the sort. This comrade, on the contrary, has everything on the shelves (sometimes literally: socks are in the upper right drawer, underpants are in the lower left, and God forbid to mix it up!), According to the instructions, because “it is necessary” and “so accepted” ( but not because “I decided and want to”). And they are most often fierce hypochondriacs, terry prudes and still notorious demagogues. The described qualities in the complex create an image so unattractive and non-sexual that it is better, in my opinion, to be born a one-eyed desman than such a man.

By Cindy
March 2, 2020

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