I won’t marry: 7 reasons to say no to you

The average woman, in her desire to get married, resembles a squirrel from the “Ice Age” chasing a nut – she is so uncomfortable and bad without a ring. There are, however, in nature other specimens of the feminine — those that do not want and do not marry.

I only once happened to meet a guy whose hand and heart were rejected. And the refuser was my close friend, so I knew for sure: the reason was not that she loved him completely or not enough. Loved how, just didn’t want to get married. Not specifically for him, but in general. And I spent a considerable amount of energy, time and tequila to bring this thought to a young man who, of course, was offended and frustrated by such non-standard female behavior. Then I formulated the reasons why a lover is important! – a woman may not want to ring with her chosen one. Here, please read:

  • She doesn’t want to change her life

As a rule, “bachelors” with this experience suffer from this, and their life, as they say, is a success. The girl is so accustomed to exist on her own and for herself, that the mere thought of restructuring everything into a “married” format causes her to experience a fit of severe tachycardia. And in this case we are talking about the egoistic unwillingness to turn their own (economy / budget / social circle / future plans) into a common one.

  • She is not ready to part with freedom

Which, as a rule, rhymes with sexual freedom. The prospect of mating with one single partner until, poetically speaking, the final credits frightens not only men, but also women. And the point is not that, being in the “girlfriend” status, a woman plans or is already jumping on other people’s beds. No, the whole thing is in the illusion that she hypothetically can afford to sleep with someone else, except you, without breaking the sacred oaths. And the easiest way to not break promises is to not give them.

  • She doesn’t want children

On the one hand, the registry office stamp does not participate in the fertilization of the egg. On the other hand, marriage without children looks somehow suspicious. And convinced childfree least of all want to fall under the pressure of shameless relatives who, at every convenient and not very opportunity, will be curious, how is it that you are married, and you still haven’t gotten kids?

  • She does not think coexistence with you

Love – loves, but understands: you are so different that living together (and where without it) is not possible. And even if you dare to try, the case will probably end in a civil war, mutual hostility, the collapse of all dreams and divorce. This is at best. At worst, an article for murder in a state of passion. And if so, there is nothing to try.

  • She’s afraid the relationship will go bad

As, suppose, the foul of her previous novel of the century, it was worth only ringing. Perhaps – and for sure – the relationship did not fall apart because of the fact of marriage, but now it’s hard for her to get rid of the superstitious fear that visiting the registry office in some mystical way turns a couple in love, unsatisfied, quarrelsome, having sex once every six months and seriously hating each other friend of people. And she doesn’t want such a future for you two.

  • She thinks she’s not made for the family.

It doesn’t matter whether the girl plans to build a career and work 18 hours a day, go with the Greenpeople to the Commander Islands to save fur seals, go to a high-security convent or go wandering around India. It is important that her plans, lifestyle and thoughts do not fit in with the housekeeping, modeling of dumplings and family feasts on calendar holidays. She’s just “about something else.”

  • She’s not sure you want it.

It happens that a man makes an offer not thoughtfully, thoroughly, and with all the paraphernalia — knocking on his knees, presenting the ring and receiving the blessing of his parents (well, or at least just with a serious expression on his face), but as if between a case / for fun / under pressure of circumstances / on emotions / after ten B-52 or following the example of a best friend. And then doubts begin to torment the girl: have you not got excited, but would you like to take your words back? And if nothing convinces the bride of the seriousness of your matrimonial aspirations, then most likely she will prefer to refuse the offer – for your own good.

Guys, in the light of the above, there is a question. It would be interesting to know how universal this list is and are there any specific, purely male reasons not to marry your beloved (!) girl?

By Cindy
February 28, 2020

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