10 reasons to think that you are serious

I can state a fact joyful for the male public: the girls seem to have realized that you guys don’t like talking about relationships and where they are going. At least, I haven’t heard complaints from my friends for a long time that the girlfriend pinned them to the wall with the question “Tell me honestly, is everything serious with us?” and refused to leave the apartment / let go of the pan. Instead, girls prefer to calculate the severity of the relationship based on indirect evidence. Which is fraught with another problem: the young man is just having a good time, and the girl is confident that literally from day to day he will offer her to come together / get married / conceive the first-born and call him Voldemar.

So that you, dear reader, do not find yourself in an awkward situation, I will tell you what aspects of your novel I can convince the girl that she is not just a lover, but herself a girlfriend with all the consequences that follow from this.

  • You see / sleep with each other regularly

And do not care that you get in touch no more than once a week, and during breaks do not bother with calls and sms – the girl will find a way to explain to herself that you are just damn busy at work or not too prone to sentiment. The main thing is that everything happens not from case to case, but according to some schedule, let it be known to you alone.

  • You spend a weekend with her

Friday nights and weekends – this is an unambiguous prime time. And since you prefer to while away this time with her, then you have no more attractive options. Natural selection, in the context of which the girl feels like a winner.

  • You make plans

Not only about when you will see next time, but also more global – to go to Rome, start going to the gym, get a cat. For some reason, the girls pin special hopes on cats.

  • You allow her to leave things in your apartment

Well, as you allow – rather, just do not forbid. She slowly floods your house with her toothbrushes, lace rags (oh no, wait, it’s panties), and you still haven’t bothered to put all this junk in one bag and hand it to the owner with the words: “You seem to have forgotten “.

  • Do you know her parents

Let this acquaintance even happen by accident, for example, when you brought a girl home and ran into her father at the entrance. And if you yourself offered to help transport the granny to the cottage – it looks even more promising than a cat.

  • You spend money on her

The logic is simple: they usually invest in what they consider to be their own.

  • There are no clear signs that you have other women

In this matter, girls usually adhere to a simple rule: “If I do not see this, then this is not.” “This” usually means someone else’s blond hair on your pillow, midnight sms from subscribers with female names and the presence of a trace from the engagement ring.

  • She knows your friends.

And they not only heard, but also remember her name.

  • You talk to her

Not about the obscenities you plan to do tonight (more precisely, not only about this), but you’re talking about more important topics – about work, for example. It immediately begins to seem to the girls that their opinion is important to you. And this is a serious bid to win.

  • You don’t brush off her problems

Not only do you nod and listen about the wrecking boss, the ruinous loan rate, a broken toilet and aggravated sinusitis, while examining the contents of her bra, but also voicing your willingness to help. The eloquence of cats and grandmothers about your serious attitude will be expressed in your desire to come to her, who is sick, with chicken stock and all the seasons of Sex and the City. “… And in illness, and in health,” – she will rightly understand everything right there.

By Cindy
February 27, 2020

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