9 reasons why girls don’t like you

  • Because you’re too soft

I don’t think that being sensitive, shy, tactful, prudent and obedient is bad. But that’s exactly what young virgins usually think. And the younger the girl, the usually more importance she attaches to the textbook attributes of masculinity (determination, bordering on cheekiness, team intonations in the voice, steel look, strong-willed chin and further down the list). To look – and immediately understand: in front of you is not just a male being, but a male, and obviously a dominant one. And qualities located on the opposite pole are often interpreted, on the contrary, as a sign of weakness and self-doubt. And such quivering, not quite male cavaliers usually turn out to be suitable as girlfriends, with whom you can go to the movies and watch, but to look at them without panties, thank you, somehow I do not want to.

  • Because you are closed

There is no greater torture than a meeting with a guy who can’t connect the two words, squinting and sneering at you, as if you made a scarecrow from his favorite dachshund, and answers any question as if his every “Ummm …” would certainly used against him.

Firstly, because the girl is usually tuned in to the fact that she will be entertained and carried away. And when, in the end, she herself is forced to drag the whole conversation and act as an animator, it’s, frankly, a bummer.

Secondly, the society of the silent and sociopaths is always a great test for female self-esteem. Perhaps she understands the head that the problem is not in her, but in you (and the fact that, hanging for days / weeks / months in some social network, you are corny weaned off – or maybe you never knew how – to communicate in real life). But somewhere deep inside, anyway, a worm of doubt tosses and turns: all of a sudden you’re really charming and eloquent, but you behave like that with her, because you simply don’t like her enough? And women, whatever one may say, prefer the society of the one who is crazy about them. And does not hide it.

  • Because you are rude

Including and especially in relation to girls. You are rude to them, go ahead, tease and just try to humiliate them whenever possible. Testicles would be good for someone who convinced you that women love being mixed with mud. Take my word for it: they don’t like it. Maybe at first it seems charmingly eccentric and even exciting to some of my gender sisters. But then, without fail, the realization comes that you behave this way not from excess power, but, on the contrary, from powerlessness.

  • Because you criticize

The ability to find out a spoonful of something that smells bad and inedible in everything (“Pretty? So, surely a fool or a slut,” “Wages increased by 10%? Well, but prices rose by 20”, etc.), in principle, useful for life skill. It is well known that the less you wait, the less disappointed you are at the end. But this skill is good only for its owner. Everyone else (and girls in particular) in the society of such negatives will sooner or later become uncomfortable. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And to give a chance to a guy who clearly has “vision” problems, there are no people who want to.

  • Because you complain

Nobody likes whiners. And even the mothers of whiners who are supposed to console, stroke them in their curls and whisper “everything will be fine”, doing all this, they think to themselves, damn it, how much can you do, well, get ready already! If it’s so unbearable for you and you definitely need to pour out your suffering somewhere, get yourself a little book and write down all your troubles in it. And the girls absolutely do not want to listen to the fact that the weather is rubbish, the neighbors got it with their repairs, their parents lost their minds, the last season of the Game of Thrones was boring, and so on, in the same minor key. And if you expect that the girl will rush to convince you and prove that life is really beautiful and amazing, then in vain. Rather, she will rush into the arms of someone who is not so painful about the imperfections of this world.

  • Because you are passive

In the most primitive, absolutely heterosexual sense. Men living on the principle of “They will come and offer everything themselves” usually naively believe that this rule applies to women. And if its threshold is still not upholstered by the beautiful, ready for all the virgins, then this is a temporary phenomenon. You just need to get comfortable on the couch, make sure the doorbell is working, and wait. Alas, this is not so. Women, like a hundred years ago, are waiting, hoping and believing that they will be conquered. And even in our harsh metrosexual age, there are dozens of hereditary “getters” for one like you.

  • Because it’s boring with you

Let’s take an objective look at the situation. What, besides study / work, series and social networks, is your life filled with? Do you understand at least something really good? Are you able to talk about something with burning eyes for more than 15 minutes? Yes, even about the etymology of the Russian mat or the difference between Romanian and Belgian porn. How often, talking to you, people say: “Oh, cool!”, “I would never have thought (a)!” etc. Women have always drawn — and will continue to do so — to those who know, are able, have seen more than they themselves. And the fact that they do not see such a person in you is to blame only for you and the meager range of your interests.

  • Because you don’t love yourself

If you consider yourself a jerk, then why on earth should someone take you differently? If we choose between extremes, then the girls are more sympathetic to slightly narcissistic natures (the keyword is “slightly”). We are with them, albeit on the sidelines, but always at the epicenter of attention and events. The main thing is that the conceit of the gentleman should be based not only on the fact that in childhood his mother kept saying to him: “Baby, you are the best!”, But on something a little more substantial and tangible.

  • Because you are sure that everyone owes you

The state – smooth roads and polite doctors, friends – to meet at the airport at three in the morning, girls – to hand over their phone numbers, should you linger at them for more than three seconds. Such types, firstly, usually turn out to be terry bores and egoists, who only repeat their needs, for the most part unsatisfied. And secondly, often they themselves do not know how and do not have what to give to someone who is nearby. And relationships are, whatever one may say, a pair sport.

By Cindy
February 26, 2020

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