10 phrases that should not be said out loud at girls

  • “Friends are more important than women”

You can also understand when such things are said in the men’s company, after the news that the wife left a friend. But such theses voiced by a woman are, at least, strange. Yes, both of them (your homies and your girls) belong to the form Homo sapiens, but at the same time they have different spheres of application and functions in your life. This is how to compare, which is more important – cucumbers or tomatoes.

  • “I am sure that I will have at least 8 children”

It is especially touching to hear from men who have not even acquired one yet.

  • “I do not mind when a woman pays for me. It’s even fun. ”

If you have no plans to position yourself as an alpha and to continue the conversation to acquaint the girl with the price list for your services, it is better to refrain from such statements.

  • “All women love anal sex. It’s just that some people still don’t realize this

I will tell you a terrible secret: if anyone is stimulated in this area hypothetically and can bring unearthly pleasure, then this is a man. For one simple reason – he has a prostate. She does not rely on women. As, in fact, orgasms from anal sex.

  • “I do not need anybody”

Usually, men pronounce this phrase with pretense of negligence and coldness, behind which, however, they hardly manage to hide their eyes, like a lost chihuahua dreaming to finally poke his face in house slippers.

  • “Six orgasms per night?” This is normal for my girlfriend. ”

Why only six, not eight or twelve? Women are more complicated than microwaves – you can’t get to press a button and instantly start the process.

  • “I like living with my mother – she’s clean at home, her underpants are ironed, the refrigerator is full. But she doesn’t enter my room without knocking. ”

And once you wore diapers and ate from a bottle – and that was damn convenient too. But something made you start to live a more adult, though, perhaps, less comfortable life.

  • “How long did my most serious relationship last? About a month and a half. Or so “

There are three options: either you do not understand anything in a relationship, or, in principle, you are not capable of it. Well, either you are 12 years old.

  • “If I wanted to, I would have already earned a trip to New York / my own apartment / new sneakers, etc.”

Well, of course, of course, we understood right away: the thing is that you like the architecture and climate of your provincial city, live in a hostel, and keep your toes aired when walking.

  • “… And on TV they said …”

Dude, are you 70?

By Cindy
February 25, 2020

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