Top 10 films to help you better understand the woman

These films can greatly contribute to getting an idea of ​​the subject – women in general and the peculiarities of organizing their inner world in particular (and at the same time they are suitable for watching in pairs if the girlfriend wants to moan / neigh on your courageous shoulder).

We focus on a dozen mainstream and relatively “fresh” films. I warn you right away: look at homeopathic doses, since the degree of sugaryness of some, so to speak, masterpieces is such that diabetes can easily develop.

  • “The Diary of Bridget Jones” (in assortment)

It’s a shame to admit, but in some moments it’s literally a documentary) I personally know girls who are disappointed, build a career and fight for happiness in their personal lives one-on-one, like the Zellweger heroine.

  • American Beauty

Calling a movie “female” is probably not worth it. But it’s worth watching the film through the prism of what amazing mutations happen to girls, depending on the guys who end up in their sex / marriage / life partners.

  • “P.S. I love you”

Deadly sentimental movie. Although, how else, if we are talking about a girl who receives letters from the next world from her suddenly deceased husband. In them, he – somewhat belatedly – is trying to teach her to be spontaneous, extravagant and enjoy life. In principle, a ready-made guide on how to at least slightly stir up a boring girlfriend who is prone to long-term planning and unnecessary reflection.

  • Amelie

The episode is especially valuable, where the girl loses in her head the possible options, why the hero Nino is late, and in her fantasies the robbery of the bank, Afghan terrorists, Soviet warheads and much more are crazy. But damn it, that’s how it happens sometimes! In short, what breed of cockroaches are found in the heads of pretty enthusiastic neurotics is described here in great detail.

  • “The Twilight” (“The Twilight”, “The Twilight. Saga. New Moon”, “The Twilight. Saga. Eclipse”, “The Twilight. Saga. Dawn” – 1.2 parts)

If you cope with the natural impulse to fill your eyes and ears with molten lead, you will be able to see for yourself what many (suspiciously many) women think are the apogee of sensuality and romance.

  • “Moonlight tariff”

Something between Amelie and Bridget Jones’s Diary. There is less sweets, more valuable information. For example, about the “rule of three days” and I probably would not have told better.

  • Kate and Leo

Naturally, it can stick together from sugaryness, but the topic of expectation by a woman of a prince is fully disclosed. Watch and be afraid of what heights of gentleness and gallantry we sometimes expect from men. You won’t get away with one lace frill.

  • “Braveheart”

The cartoon, which, contrary to expectations (and it was expected that this would be an adventure tale about a dashing red-haired maiden on a horse), turned into a piercing story about the relationship of mothers and daughters. So that you, at last, cease to doubt: each, even the most beautiful mother-in-law in the shower, is a bear.

  • “Exchange Holidays”

The film is about what girls of two diametrically opposite types – a business woman and an eccentric – expect from men. The phrase spoken by the heroine Kemeron Diaz: “It is easier for a woman over 35 to die at the hands of terrorists than to get married,” describes the real situation in the best way possible. I remember that my 38-year-old friend – a flint woman, a single mother and the owner of a large advertising agency – with whom we went to the premiere, sobbed for the final credits so that I seriously thought she had a tear duct that didn’t close.

  • “Slumber Party in Vegas”

The name is a marketing nod to the “Hangover” party, but in fact these films have nothing in common. The “Female Version” seemed to me personally more hilarious (minus scenes with fecal humor). Good as an illustration on the topic of female friendship and rivalry. Anyway, just good.

And now, gentlemen, your way out!

I propose to recall the “kin”, which, in your opinion, are able to tell my sisters in reason something important about men, and explain in a nutshell, what specifically is this film remarkable / valuable?

So, I remember, my beloved husband at one time literally forcibly sat me down to watch “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson, so as not to explain on my fingers what is more important to a man than love.

By Cindy
February 21, 2020

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