12 female reasons to tell you: “Let’s stay friends”

  1. “You, my friend, missed that blessed moment when you had not to talk, but to kiss. And now everything, the train has left. I already don’t want anything from you. ”
  2. “You are too soft and delicate. But I’m a hysterical neurasthenic with a difficult childhood and a tendency to history of victimization, which requires her nerves to be twisted and twisted into a fist. So I’ll go and look for myself on the tailbone of adventures with that boor who doesn’t even look in my direction. ”
  3. “Actually, you’re not so good and I don’t like you at all. But I can’t tell you directly about this. You know, from childhood I was taught not to be rude and not to call names, even if a person begs for himself. ”
  4. “You are Aries, and I am Taurus. And you and I are not a couple, not a couple, not a couple. “
  5. “I do not want you. Now you put my hand on my knee, but I don’t feel anything. More precisely, I feel the weight of your palm. I feel, even through thermal underwear, how cold and trembling it is. I also see a scar on the thumb and a mole in the shape of a whale next to it. But I do not feel any voluptuous cramps in the lower abdomen, even elementary excitement. But I know what can be and happens differently. But for some reason, no. ”
  6. “Actually, I already have a boyfriend, even if everything is not going smoothly between us.”
  7. “Actually, I already have a girlfriend. But now, not everything is smooth … I try not to advertise. ”
  8. “Now I have such a stage in my life when I want a breakaway, fun and 20-year-old surfers. And you probably haven’t written on your forehead: “Ready for a serious relationship.”
  9. “I’m bored with you. Yes, and about the “tanks” I am bored. And your “Survivor” is a nerdy. And traveling together in the spring on an ornithological expedition is easier to strangle. ”
  10. “You are good for my friends who always woo us. For my mother, who is also delighted with you. For your own friends and your own mom, you are almost Desmond Mpilo Tutu. And so I got all these glee in your address, that – no! And in general, at marketing lectures we were told that second-rate goods usually need advertising. Truly valuable specimens are not needed. ”
  11. “You smell of bad breath. But let the dentist tell you about it. ”
  12. “One of your ex-girls, by fateful coincidence, turned out to be my classmate. In short, now I know what you have like an Ikea pencil. Nothing would have happened, even if we tried. I know myself. I need to at least like a tube of toothpaste. ”
By Cindy
February 17, 2020

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