The main rules of the spa romance, according to women

Summer is coming soon, which means it’s time to talk about spa romance.

To begin with, I want to clarify this point. Not every affair that happened under palm trees, amid Tuscan meadows or Indian sunsets, is drawn to being called a spa romance. At least for women it is. A girl can purposefully acquire a new gentleman every vacation, but still not have the happiness of surviving a real romance. Because a novel is a very special genre, format, rhythm, script, and, of course, a special man. Well, more precisely, a man can be theoretically anything you like, but he must conduct himself and his relations in a very definite way. Which – we’ll talk in more detail with respect to key aspects.


The key word is swiftness. The life of the spa romance is short and limited by the date of return tickets. Therefore, the words “somehow later”, “later”, “when the hair will lie better and the fingal will fade under the eye” leave for your usual, extra-vacation life. On vacation, you need to act quickly and decisively. Do not play peepers with a girl you like for several nights in a row, in the hope that tomorrow you may meet on the beach, where it’s not so noisy, crowded and can figure out whether she has her own chest or is it an optical illusion of a treacherous Wonderbra, and sit down and get acquainted . Yes, that’s right. Not trying to invent a wheel, or rather, some non-trivial way of rolling, but acting by proven classical methods. An open smile and a gentlemanly approach: “Let me treat you with what you drink.” And then further, without losing dynamics: “… And what do you drink? And you, by the way, are aware that the B-52 was named after the B-52 Stratofortress bomber, which was the main weapon of the Americans during the Vietnam War. A drink of the same name appeared in the 1970s and it was the very first layered cocktail invented in the world. Bartender, repeat it! B-52 – to the girl next to whom I’m about to catch fire. ” Well, or something like that, in accordance with the context.

And let it not bother you that you are usually not so impudent, and the girl came to the bar in the company of friends (women usually are sympathetic to such situations – anyway, they do not take anyone with them to rest, only the most tolerant). It is worth braking slightly only if you hear the word “husband” in one sentence with “the former boxer” and “here, by the way, and he”.

IMPORTANT! If you are stopped by the fact that you are with a girl, perhaps from different worlds, and she hardly wants to break the ciabbata with a modest plumber, then it is in vain.

Firstly, you are not required to tell the truth about yourself. In the context of a spa romance, as a rule, everything is not what it seems.

Secondly, contrast is even welcome. The main difference between a spa romance and any other romance is to allow ourselves something that in ordinary life we ​​do not allow ourselves. So many girls deliberately associate with men “not of their own circle”, so that it is absolutely exotic.

And thirdly, the less you fit together, the better. So from the very beginning there will be no illusion that your romance can turn into something more serious and long-lasting. So, you will have no choice but to live “here and now”, which is a rare, but completely delightful pleasure.

  • Leisure

The essence, meaning and, I am not afraid of this phrase, the sacred purpose of the spa novel is to have something to remember later. This is guided by thinking over joint leisure. And due to the transience, your joint pastime should be as intense as possible. This, of course, does not mean that you should come to a new friend early in the morning for breakfast. But, let’s say, accompanying a lady to an afternoon shopping or sightseeing trip, and at the same time throwing a fishing rod about evening entertainment would be very helpful. Ideally, each of your dates “in concentration” should be equated to a week of communication in ordinary life. It is advisable that after the first day the girl has the feeling that you have known each other for a thousand years (then, it would seem, it’s not embarrassing to think about a closer contact). In short, the more actively you figure in her spa life, the smoother and inevitable your rapprochement will occur.

On the other hand, there is no place for other “bananas”, paragliding, etc., color a person, but he does them. Therefore, no matter how dull the infrastructure surrounding your boarding house, it is important that you yourself are cheerful and cheerful (even if you fled on vacation because of a broken heart, and it is still bleeding). The ideal hero of a spa romance knows how to entertain a lady even with the help of a collection of scanwords and a Phillips screwdriver. And whoever amuses a lady, she spends the night with her.

IMPORTANT! Your desire to pick up the maximum number of girls on vacation and the desire to play an impeccable romance – forgive me, but things are incompatible. No matter how professional you are, you are unlikely to be able to walt several potential lovers at the same quality. Some of them will probably feel your involvement is not one hundred percent, but some will get a chance to get carried away by someone else while you “water other people’s lawns”. Therefore, in order not to be left without prey at all, chasing two hares in a bikini, concentrate on one lady.

  • Sex

It would be untrue to say that all resort novels are exclusively about sex and always result in multiple orgasms for participants. The fact is that in the framework of the spa romance, women, as a rule, try to grab a piece of what they feel an acute shortage in ordinary life. So, in a situation with “Platonic” stories, ladies usually want exciting games in the spirit of “Seduction of an impregnable virgin”, and a man does not dare to voice and insist on his own, off-price desires (in vain, of course).

But returning to sex, which is more often than not. It is important to properly build a path to bed. It is difficult to miss and not get into it at all, but developing the right strategy will help speed up the process and make the novel truly memorable. And for this it is necessary to determine as clearly as possible which leading leitmotif the girl has. Simply put, what she lacks and why so she came to distant lands.

Is there a need for tenderness and romance? Such a person will probably initiate walks along the night beach, hand in hand, talk about the high, as a rule, literally – about the stars. Does the soul require a storm of passions? She will start flirting herself – it’s so inviting to watch such outrageous and exciting things about herself that there will simply be no doubt. Need a thrill? On the very first evening, she says that she always dreamed of having sex on the high seas (and it would be very helpful if you had a yacht, a boat, or at least an air mattress). Well and so on. In short, everything is as always: be extremely attentive to what it says about how a new acquaintance behaves – and you will discover the truth in which style to play the perfect foreplay.

IMPORTANT! The main mistake is to waste time in vain. Deliberately delay the process in order, for example, to epochly copulate on the last day before departure. This approach has the right to exist if you met 3 days before the end of the vacation or if one of you is on a short trip. In all other cases, it is cruel and pointless (although it’s dramatic in a movie-like manner, but who cares when it comes to lost orgasms?). If everything was so-so, then there is no time to work on errors, which is insulting. If everything, on the contrary, went brilliantly, you won’t have time to repeat it, which is doubly offensive.

By Cindy
February 16, 2020

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