A sharp left: 3 men in her life who are dangerous to you

Jealous, of course, are very funny and short-sighted. They reluctantly “let go” a girl with her friends in a club / vacation / for yoga, etc., and then write to me in a panic: “Do you think there was a betrayal or not? I’m thinking, I’m even sure that I was … “

“Don’t worry about that, guys! You’re trying to see trouble there, ”I want to answer them. Casual acquaintances in the bar, funny surfers, like yoga instructors carved from a single piece of granite, are not as dangerous as your painful imagination draws. But these three types are just the very men on whom even the most restrained and sensible girls sometimes stick.

Ex with whom there was a passion

If ever in the heat of inconceivable frankness she suddenly began to tell you about her Ex, and phrases such as “he is a wonderful person”, “I felt good and calm with him”, “he supported me very much” slipped through – you can relax. They rarely stick to a “good” person. And it’s a completely different matter if, at the mention of Ax, she suddenly darkens her face, clasps herself with her hands, as if afraid to lose her balance, begins to smoke / bite her nails and mumbles something about “… we had nothing in common, we were just drawn to each other to a friend, “” he broke my heart, burned me out from the inside … “and stuff like that …. Damn, dude, here your testicles are justifiably drawn into the groin from fear.

Surely, she cut off this Ax from herself like cancer tumors are cut out: decisively and with a margin (changed her place of residence, or even the city; registered in all social networks under her mother’s name; deleted his number and the phone number where he was recorded, burned). But every time when, over the years, these vile Aksy suddenly appear in our field of vision, with whom there seems to be nothing to do, but at the same time our legs give way to his skin smell, these bastards smell like before. And they look as before. And you cling to him, as before, it is worth his hand to be on your thigh. And here the probability of relapse, frankly, is great. Because it is not the head who decides (the head has long appropriated the status of “forget and nullify” to the whole story). It solves the body, which now is one continuous erogenous zone. And in this state, the girl not only can and will surely step on the same rake. She, as in Supermario, will jump on them until she is completely killed.


If someday your girlfriend thinks about working out her childhood injuries, neurosises and raking up emotional trash in the company of a therapist, keep in mind: in addition to a lot of positive moments and discoveries, excesses are possible. There is such a thing as a “transfer”. It happens to almost everyone who first finds a therapist. And the word “almost” can be removed if the girl you have is an emotional and addicted person, and the therapist who gets to her is a man of non-repulsive appearance and, on the whole, is pretty cool.

The bottom line is that you begin to perceive him not as a narrow-profile specialist, doctor, assistant, but as a father, friend, man, with whom you are in love and / or hard lust. Indeed, in those moments when you are together, he listens to you and receives you. He is completely yours. He does not look at your manicure or chest, but deeper …. I’ll say as it is: sticking to a therapist is even easier than not sticking.

Of course, if the specialist is not a fool, not a bastard, and he didn’t buy his diploma in the subway, he will probably keep track of what the client has and will do everything possible to prevent the fails. But my duty is to warn you. And if suddenly the girl will discuss with you, who should she go to – a mustachioed man or a cozy woman? – it makes sense to lobby a woman. From the “transfer” this girl is also not a fact that she will save. But there is a chance that everything will be limited to acting out the “mother-daughter” scenario, rather than libidinal impulses and an attempt to escape together with a psychotherapist to Cuba.


If ever at the leading Olympus of a company where your girlfriend has been working for a long time, someone who appears godly appears to be old, charismatic and attracted to supervising – here you need to be on the lookout. Flirting with colleagues, teasing subordinates do not carry women as much as communicating with their boss. And the most dangerous type is Top, which was the first (!) To see the potential in your girlfriend.

Everyone else considered her mediocrity and even a burden, and he, therefore, saw a unique combination of personal and professional qualities. What he, of course, will tell her about, thereby stimulating not only career ambitions, but also more intimate structures. Girls who grew up without fathers (or with fathers who were formally, but in fact forever absent) surrender almost without a fight. And the word “almost” can be removed if she hears praise and thanks from you no more than once a year. Because in the person of this Top they get everything that they were deprived of and why they so earnestly yearn for. OK. Support. Help. Wise advice. A warm confident hand that first rests on your shoulder in a friendly manner, and then not quite in a friendly way – on your knee.

Save the girl from the fall can only be information that Top is spinning at the same time, I’m sorry, she also oversees her secretary, a new one from the personnel department and a blonde from bookkeeping who recently divorced. But usually these most insidious godly bosses do not make such fatal mistakes.

By Cindy
February 13, 2020

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