25 working ideas on how to seriously ruin a relationship with a girl

After reading this list, you might think that most of the points are some insignificant nonsense, but in fact: all these are proven scripts for those who want to ruin their relationship with their girlfriend.

  1. To consider that there are some special, special, purely female “duties” and “nonsense.”
  2. Say yes every time you want to say no.
  3. Kissing just before sex.
  4. From any reproach against you to fight off a claim to universality with the phrase: “What do you want from me ?! I bring money to the house! ”
  5. Do not have your own hobbies and interests.
  6. Read secretly her SMS, chat rooms and correspondence.
  7. Refusing to try something new just because you have never done it before.
  8. Do not even try to find out why she was crying.
  9. Throw things into the washing machine and press the “start” button, without first figuring out if her silk blouse or scarlet panties were there.
  10. Never apologize.
  11. Not being able to have sex is very spontaneous and very quiet.
  12. To be sure that the promise made to a friend “weighs” more than the promise made to her.
  13. Clarify relationships in the presence of friends.
  14. Forget or be lazy to pack gifts.
  15. Ignore the option of auto payment for utilities, telephone, Internet, etc.
  16. Consider that everything is fine with sex. So great that the very thought of changing / improving something offends and frustrates you.
  17. Decide on your own where you will go on vacation, what courses to take, with or without a condom, etc. on the simple basis that you are a man.
  18. To cut nails / to clean ears in her presence and in places of your general use such as a drawing room or a bedroom.
  19. Make an arbitrator in all your conflicts your own or her mother.
  20. Underestimate the power of an evening glass of wine.
  21. Do not show solidarity (or at least approval) at the moments when she is trying to get rid of another bad habit.
  22. To consider that her problems that you are unable to solve for objective reasons do not concern you. And just to share is go to your girlfriends or a psychologist.
  23. Put in the phrase: “And how much does it cost ?!” even before she splashes out on you all the glee that she / you now has “this”.
  24. Consider that “Norm” and “Neat” are viable answers to the question: “How do I look?”
  25. Do not even suppose that the house can have two televisions, in the bed – two blankets, and the bed itself is wider than a reserved seat shelf.

Despite the versatility of a number of points, for sure you guys have their own vision, what is better for girls to refrain from? Share your pain in the comments!

By Cindy
February 11, 2020

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