22 signs that you and a girl can live together

Are you ready to subscribe to each of the items below? Then you definitely have to live together.

  1. You can swear that the presence in the house of pinkish razors, gaskets, sets for clarifying the antennae and tweezers for removal, God knows where the growing hairs will not make you impotent.
  2. You already had sex with the girl when she was in washed-up bikini shorts, with a stale pedicure, overgrown hair removal and smelled not of spicy Chanel, but of vulgar sprats. And he did not come to the conclusion that doing it alone is actually more pleasant.
  3. You agree to be extreme when it comes to a broken faucet, a burned out light bulb and a clogged toilet (“Well, of the two of us, you are mostly a man.”). But at the same time, he is able to independently load the washing machine and cook his own dinner (“Men and women are equal, but there is nothing derogatory in self-service!”)
  4. Do you have any idea how a girl looks, behaves and how much she eats during PMS. And it doesn’t bother you.
  5. You have symmetrical views on pets, politics, alcohol and what is called a “cool party.”
  6. You are not too attached to artifacts from your solitary past (such as a collection of vinyl or beer bonfires). And for sure you will not hesitate for more than a second if the girl offers to choose who is dearer to you – she or they?
  7. You do not consider her mother a rider of the apocalypse, and her father – the unfortunate of men, on the site of which you would have hung on a rope long ago, soaked in cyanide for fidelity.
  8. You can guarantee that you will not make attempts to sleep with her best friend, even if she will walk in front of you in a T-shirt that barely covers the thong. Or she is able to find a reinforced concrete argument why she cannot live with you for a while, despite the fact that her husband drove her out of the house and was fired from work. Provided that the phrase “dear, but you don’t care that she can seduce me?” Is not such an argument.
  9. You both trudge on Game of Trones, hate Kardashians, and are capable of negotiating “pizza or sushi?” In less than 15 minutes.
  10. Are you sure that the prospect of spending a weekend in Ikea or any other furniture hell does not provoke suicidal thoughts in you.
  11. Do you realize that to the question “why are you so late?” There are some other possible answers besides “what’s the matter for you?”
  12. And the question “where is the money?” – too.
  13. Do you agree that one blanket is ok when it comes to people loving each other (“Otherwise, separate bedrooms will become the next step!”). But at the same time it’s frost-resistant, compact and you can fall asleep curled up on a pillow (“Oh, did I stole your entire blanket again? From childhood I like to sleep across the bed and wrap myself from head to toe”).
  14. You are not afraid of the idea that you will have to spend part (it is possible that a large) of your salary for a gastro tour of French vineyards, although you yourself are more disposed to Czech beer and pork knuckle.
  15. The chance that you will have a panic attack when you hear what kind of eyes, for example, during telephone conversations with friends, she calls you “husband” (“No, my husband and I can’t come. Family weekend, well, you understand “), is minimal.
  16. You do not see anything strange and outrageous that you can apologize all morning for what you did in a girl’s dream.
  17. You theoretically admit that squeezing acne to your partner is a stretch, but still it can be interpreted as a manifestation of love and care.
  18. You know how to make ex-girls and just acquaintances of a female stop calling you on weekends and after 22-00 on weekdays.
  19. Are you sure that you yourself will guess to cancel the training in the gym and going to the bar with friends, having received a notice that the girl seems to have a temperature and a sore throat.
  20. If you delve into your memory, then you will probably be able to recall the situation when she said “yes, you are right”, “a great idea” or, at worst, “of course”. And you can swear it was not sarcasm.
  21. If you mentally draw a girl an extra 5-7 kg, she will still seem suitable for sex.
  22. It is unlikely that you will be furious if you find out that she posted on Instagram the photo of you sleeping with the “mine” hashtag.
By Cindy
February 9, 2020

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