20 bad habits that can ruin a relationship

I have a flower at home that already lives, if I’m not mistaken, for about five years, although, in theory, it should have died for a long time. During this time, what just did not get up with him! Not watered for weeks. They gave to the neighbor cat and children for reprisal. They put it on the window, where in the summer it was Sahara, and in winter it was a tree and drafts. Ash was shaken into it, it was dropped, it was fertilized with tea leaves and wine. All this was done, of course, not from evil, but simply … well, it just happened. Despite everything, the comrade is still alive. However, the key word is “bye”. Because everything has a finite supply of resistance to the hardships of life.

Looking once again at a disabled-looking broom sticking out of a pot, for some reason I began to recall the stories of ruined relationships – both my own and those that I had peeped from friends. When it was not a matter of fatal circumstances (betrayal, bankruptcy, illness) or a desire to get rid of an objectionable partner, but some kind of lively negligence with which people treated each other and their union. As a true list lover, I have compiled a collection of stupid / wrecking / cruel habits that prevent many of us from living in tandem happily ever after.

  1. Keep everything in yourself and not talk about what annoys you / annoys / annoys you in your partner’s behavior / appearance.
  2. Do not keep in yourself, constantly and for a long time ranting about what annoys you, infuriates you, infuriates you in your partner’s behavior / appearance.
  3. To reduce any conversation to the distribution of tips and valuable directions, without feeling when you are required to just silently listen, nod and pat your head.
  4. Check the contents of sms, instant messengers, mail and pockets of a partner, thereby throwing firewood into the fire of your own paranoia.
  5. Not even making attempts to make friends with her / his friends and relatives.
  6. Climb out to please everyone, without exception, her / his friends and relatives.
  7. Having sex through “I do not want to.”
  8. Use the phrase: “Ah so ?! Then maybe we should leave? ”
  9. Go to bed without reconciling.
  10. Do not make plans.
  11. Do not make any efforts to implement these plans.
  12. Do not inform the exes that you are now in a relationship and calls after midnight will be regarded as an attempt on them.
  13. Boycott the “eighth_march” and “twenty-third_of February” for vulgarity and triviality, but they should not come up with their own holidays in return.
  14. Give each other instead of gifts certificates or money.
  15. Submit ultimatums. Especially when it comes to bad habits that appeared in the life of a partner before you.
  16. To wear at home what is embarrassing to wear on the street – old, dilapidated, elbows.
  17. Leave the TV on during serious conversations.
  18. Use the bedroom as a place to clarify the relationship.
  19. To recall past grievances and “shoals” – let them, not in the form of reproaches, but in the form of a joke – in the presence of strangers.
  20. Answer “no” by not listening.
By Cindy
February 8, 2020

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