Should you tell a girl about the shortcomings of her appearance and body?

The improvised hit parade of something that you didn’t feel bad either to not see at all, or to see right there – the notorious “unwanted hairs” take the first place of honor. Especially, where, in theory, a woman should not have them at all (above the lip, on the cheeks, chest). I remember I was once asked how a girl could be hinted to get rid of excess fluffiness on her face. Surely, I tried to dream up and offer plus or minus suitable options. But the truth is this: there are NO 100% suitable, non-traumatic options!

The second is asymmetry. As a rule, the “weak spot” of most girls is the chest. But one phrase spoken by the partner, let it be without malice, but with humor (in the spirit: “Your left nipple looks so funny in the side! What is it, he interestingly saw it?”), In the unkind half of cases, it actually dooms the girl to start google the cost of plastic surgeon services. The human body is not originally mirrored symmetrical. So why the hell do you get to the bottom of your chest? Then they will hide this chest from you.

Third – punctures from the “beauty injections”, which many now indulge in. Someone procedures do not leave noticeable traces. And someone is forced to walk with the face of a beekeeper for 3-5 days. But during these 3-5 days you can hear enough of it, that it’s just right to run away from home. By the way, this is exactly what one of my friends began to do: after visiting the cosmetologist she lived incognito at the hotel for three days, and told her husband (who had previously been reckless to troll her for “strange spotting”) that she went on a business trip. The case almost ended in a divorce. The deception was revealed, and the man refused to believe that it was not a lover, but some pimples. But the thing really was not in her lover.

The fourth point is that “princesses don’t poop.” Well, obviously, that poop. But it is also obvious that this is not the most successful subject for discussion. I remember how terrified my friend was when her boyfriend (at that time they lived together for a couple of months) met her at the toilet with the words: “You have an upset stomach, right? Did you eat something? ”By the way, he showed concern. Without a hint of criticism or condemnation. But the girl did not appreciate it … “That is, what is it that turns out,” she told me, almost stuttering in horror, “All the time that I was in the toilet, he stood under the door and listened ?! And how, one asks, should I look him in the eye now ?! ”I have plenty of tragic stories on this subject. Here, for example, is another. My friend’s girlfriend could not afford to go to the toilet at a time when her boyfriend was at home. Therefore, every morning she fled to the coffee house, which was in the next house, supposedly, for coffee and rolls – but not in coffee and rolls, of course, it made sense. The plan worked flawlessly until the establishment was suddenly shut down for repairs. Oh, and the cleaning lady, who washed the porches in their house, would not approve of this girl’s “backup” plan … Well, what can I do: a desperate situation requires desperate measures.

I made this very “improvised hit parade” when I was discussing with my friends whether they had run into such inappropriately frank comments from men and what the consequences were. It happened to almost everyone. The consequences – from banal grievances to non-banal problems with self-esteem – were also almost always. And despite the fact that I am for maximum frankness and transparency in communication between partners, it is worthwhile to think hard before opening your mouth in principle.

And yes, one could ask you guys to answer in the comments the question that worries me (to this day): do you see this all or not? Hairs. Specks. “Nipple squint” (a wonderful term for one of my indelicate friend). But I, perhaps, will abstain. Even if bioevolutionists are mistaken, I have one more “refuge”: the saving myth that men are not blind, but love is blind!

By Cindy
February 7, 2020

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