What should be your social network account, in her opinion?

It would seem that social networks appeared not so long ago. But to recall what life was without them is already problematic. How, one wonders, before, in the pre-childhood era did girls collect a history of boyfriends? How did you learn about bad habits, allergies to lactose, attitude to former girlfriends and the current political situation? And I don’t remember already. Apparently, they made inquiries with mutual friends or asked the guy in the forehead and relied on the fact that the person involved is not lying. But anyway, it was damn troublesome and long. Is it the case now – I studied, even fluently, the profile – and it’s immediately clear whether it is worth dealing with a friend or being too busy at work / married / lesbian?

Taking this opportunity, I will share my thoughts on what content very often works “against” your image.

  • Plenty of selfies

Firstly, excessive self-esteem does not paint a man. In guys who abuse selfies, girls immediately think of narcissistic types, who already on the second date will reproach us with an eaten eclair and generally behave as if they had condescended (although it is clear to the kangaroo that the opposite is true).

Secondly, if you are not a Calvin Klein lingerie model, whose flawless press cubes are capable of overshadowing all the other details of the photo on any frame, then you risk it. Namely, to make available to the public those details of his modest life that would be more reasonable not to advertise. A teddy bear accidentally caught in the frame, faded panties drying on the battery in the bathroom, a Backstreet Boys poster on the wall, a battery of empty bottles on the floor – and that’s all, the end of the reputation.

  • Misery

After reading about how this “bitch gutted your heart, although you loved it, despite the thick calves and the vile habit of biting your nails” and other heartbreaking posts written from despair and loneliness (and don’t doubt, a new acquaintance will certainly leaf through to them) , anyone will conclude that in the event that your relationship does not last long, she will face the same sad fate. And few people want to be publicly crucified for a failed romance.

  • Posts about nothing

There is a category of people who perceive the FB question “What are you thinking about?” As if asked by a gloomy uncle who put a gun to your head – otherwise it is difficult to explain why they are accepted to answer it right away, even when they have nothing special to tell. The maximum of what you will achieve by daily scribbling posts in the spirit of “But the weather is getting better” and “Eaten” – which everyone will finally understand: there is nothing in your head.

  • Constant reposts

Of course, it’s cool that you know about the “share” function. But if your page is 95% of reposts (and 5% of posts about nothing), even a not too observant reader will suspect stupidity in you. And this is not the most attractive image from the point of view of girls.

  • Kittens and babies

Behind the scenes is the fate of my sisters in mind. We girls are forgivably touched by pictures of a yawning baby and a video of a farting kitten. Men, in principle, also – if they are young fathers or employees of animal shelters. In all other cases, a variety of favors are more likely to scare off than attract the female public. About how subtle and sentimental you are, we prefer to learn in a more private setting.

  • Militancy and aggression

Many people use their social network account as a platform with which they punish and convict, agitate with foam at the mouth and promise to arrange a tough frendocyte to everyone who disagrees with the position of the author. Of course, your business is to publicize your social position (and on what issues) in social networks or not. I can only say that from the point of view of the girl, the owners of such accounts, which are literally oozing with aggression, are by no means always positive heroes fighting for a just cause. Practice shows that for one person with a true Position (realized and confirmed by real actions), usually there are 9 Internet tantrums. And there’s a great chance that they will not accept you for the one you need.

  • Endless Chekins

On the one hand, the girl will be pleased to know that you regularly visit the gym, you can allow yourself to eat a steak in a decent restaurant and are nice to face controllers. On the other hand, it will seem to someone a posturing. And believe me, there will be many such “someone”.

  • Questions and requests

Theoretically, social networks are an effective tool for solving pressing problems. Another question is when applying for help finding an apartment no more than $ 200 / reinstall Windows / get a visa / download “True detective” without voiceovers, etc. – This is the only genre in which you perform. Firstly, such accounts look pathetic and rogue. And secondly, it may give the impression (and it will certainly develop) that you are an absolutely helpless and stupid comrade who is not even able to lace up his shoes without the help of a “collective mind.”

By Cindy
February 4, 2020

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