6 signs that your relationship will end soon

Each item individually, may not be a harbinger of the apocalypse. But if, while reading the text, you mentally nod to the majority of paragraphs, in my opinion, it’s rubbish.

  • You lie to each other

Well, maybe you’re not lying, but you’re not negotiating something and you are hiding something. On trifles, but regularly. Sometimes even without much mercenary intent. For example, she bought new shoes (she bought her own shoes, by the way, and did not squander her family budget), but for some reason she hid them in a closet instead of proudly and joyfully demonstrating the new thing to you. You accidentally crossed paths with a friend, hung up during a conversation, but, having returned home, for some reason lied that you had to stay up late at work. What with the one on the other hand – nothing reprehensible, no crime or betrayal. However, people choose a harmless, as it seems to them, lie.

What is this talking about? Both of you are afraid that you will not be understood and / or condemned. And such fears usually do not appear from scratch – which means that you systematically received just such a reaction from each other. And they were powerless to break it.

  • You practically don’t talk

All of these household chores, “Would you buy potatoes?” And “Should I stop by my mom, don’t plan anything on Saturday” doesn’t count. But in such a way that, as before, it’s no longer possible to not just watch the movie together and exchange the mean “Norm Film”, but to rush into four hands to find where that bearded man was still filming, discuss, laugh, argue. Moreover, not only on the topic of cinema, but also on the dollar, health, religion, is there life on Mars, who will become the new coach of our team – you prefer to talk about this anywhere, but not at home.

What is this talking about? You are not interested in each other. Just humanly boring. To meet you now as two strangers at a party, you would not have exchanged a word. Not to mention twisting the novel.

  • You are resting apart

In the evenings, she watches “Mike and Molly” on the tablet, and you chop in GTA V in another room. On vacation she goes to Italy with her friends, and you go to Georgia kayaking. On weekends, everyone goes to meet their friends. What? Such a civilized approach. You are different, and your interests are different. What is the point of raping a partner with something that he does not like and does not like?

What is this talking about? Firstly, it seems that you do not know how and are not used to negotiate. And this skill is important not only in relation to planning leisure activities, but also in principle for all aspects of life together. Yes, on the one hand, opposites attract. But on the other, you become a couple only if you continue to interact, share your views, beliefs, thoughts, not leaving attempts to draw a partner into the perimeter of your interests. Secondly, you do not rest in each other’s company, but rather get tired – as usual people get tired of something unpleasant and exhausting (such as traffic jams or picky boss).

  • You call out to each other

This can manifest itself as a type of cute (and actually offensive) nicknames. So in the habit of clinging to each other, stinging, quarreling, oozing poison and letting out sarcastic comments. And without making discounts on the fact that everything happens not in private, but in the company. As a person who often finds himself in the company of such couples, I can say that the sight is not a pleasant one. On the one hand, you are burned with awkwardness for them, and on the other, you think to yourself: “Oh, if someone would allow themselves to speak to me in such a tone and in such expressions, I would definitely not endure …”

What is this talking about? You do not protect each other’s feelings and do not filter what has been said, because you perceive a good attitude towards yourself as a given. Like, no matter what I say – he loves, so he can stand it. Of course, every couple has the right to their own “corporate communication style.” But such an aggressive familiar style usually mutates over time into something quite ugly. And people themselves do not notice how they turn from playful teasing to obvious malice, from jokes to insults, from taunts to an attempt to step on a sore spot. And this is a very dangerous territory. Since there is a risk of crossing the border – to say something that in the end will not be forgotten and will not be forgiven, but will stick out in a heart with a rusty nail.

  • You both look bad

Many perceive weight gain as a natural and natural consequence of living together. Something like a compelled victim of settledness. Men are sometimes even proud (they feed well, hence the belly), women are justified by their children, lack of time for sports. This is a normal life story: two slender, graceful wolves look at you from wedding photos, and from the mirror you see a couple of fat, groomed wild boars.

What is this talking about? Firstly, the belly hanging over the belt can be explained by the fact that you are corny seizing stress. And, perhaps, this is stress not only from work, children, mortgages, but also from the fact that you are not particularly comfortable and calm in the company of your half. Secondly, you obviously miss. Work is a routine, there are no special hobbies, so the biggest joy in life is to devour. Thirdly, you are convinced that your half of you will not go anywhere, which means you can not take a steam bath, how ugly you look in his / her eyes. And do not care that he would prefer to have sex with someone not so sloppy, foul-smelling and swimming fat. Promised to love? So, he will love and such. Although, of course, no “means” exist.

  • You do not chat with other couples

So it happened historically: in your environment – it is full of single and divorced, but something is not observed safely married. Communicating with the first, you, although you don’t admit to yourself, but you experience a mixture of envy and annoyance that someone hangs out, gets to know each other, gets into all serious ways. The society of the second – reassures that, they say, it can be worse. And against the background of other people’s dramas, everything is very decent. At the same time, you are aware of the existence of married women who do not wish a long and painful death to each other. But it seems that these happy couples live in a parallel universe, so they are in no hurry to invite you to family dinners, summer cottages and holidays. And you, accordingly, are not particularly attracted to them.

What is this talking about? Like is attracted to like. You subconsciously look for excuses and arguments in favor of the fact that relations inevitably collapse, marriages fall apart … And, in theory, you should be engaged in completely different. Psychologists will not let you lie: people who seek to maintain relationships unconsciously try to surround themselves with those who succeed in this. Happiness is a contagious thing. Loving couples can be inspired. You can learn something from them. And indeed, after talking with people who have been together for 10 years and look at each other as if they met a week ago, you begin to doubt that love lives for three years, and the institution of marriage is doomed.

By Cindy
February 1, 2020

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