What is good in a relationship if both of you are drawn to the left all the time?

Constantly looking for a romantic adventure on the side? We also come across forever. Therefore, they decided to study the nature of male passion, and at the same time to understand what is happening in this area for women.

The nature of flirting

You should not be shocked that other men can attract your wife or girlfriend. After all, you yourself over the past 24 hours probably cast a glance at the passing ladies with an appraising look, or maybe you fantasized about sex with some particularly attractive of them. This, of course, does not mean that the new data from scientists from Indiana State University is easy to digest: 70% of women who already have a permanent relationship are addicted to other guys.

Man and women relaxing on the sofa together

Yes, yes, we are talking about full-fledged passion. She flirts with him, fantasizes about him and draws his name in her notebook. Or, in the words of one of the participants in a study conducted by scientists, “trying not to show, but thinks about it when she masturbates.” According to the author of the study, the main conclusion is that getting involved in other people is, imagine, absolutely normal. “Passion can haunt you all your life. – They will not stop just because you have a permanent relationship. It’s natural to get carried away by someone you like. ” And although the study of this phenomenon in men is still a question of the future, it is obvious that all the same applies to guys.

And now for the dirty details. Many study participants described their passion as fleeting and completely bodily. They talk about chemistry of attraction and emotional connection. At the same time, a quarter admit that such passion happen at work. (Surprise!) Former and close friends also often become objects.

The good news: her passion has nothing to do with you and your relationship. Boiling passion is uncontrollable, it does not depend on whether your relationship is crumbling or whether they are as strong as a stone. And a passing passion does not necessarily mean treason. Most of the study participants said they never gave vent to their feelings. Only 5% admitted that it came to sex. According to another study by scientists of the same university, in general, the proportion of infidels among men and women is 20%.

In fact, many women claim that their feelings for other men only strengthened their family relationships. They transfer their passion to her husband. And if you do not like that your missus fantasizes about something else, know: the more a woman fantasizes, the stronger her libido becomes. And a faithful wife who longs for sex is good news for you.

The only true way does not exist. It all depends on what works for you. Some couples discuss this openly, others prefer to keep everything in themselves. If you are not sure what to do, try to choose one of the tactics that women from the study resort to.

Tell about him…
This can remove the impending threat. “We are discussing this openly with all the details we want to voice,” one of the participants wrote. “We understand that hobbies of the opposite sex are natural, and we believe that it is better to be honest with each other in order to get rid of jealousy through assurances and trust.”

… or don’t tell
If you think it is useless to discuss something so fleeting, then you can keep everything in yourself. Some people are just uncomfortable thinking that their partner may have feelings for someone else. As one participant stated, “if this is not a threat to our relationship, I do not want him to worry in vain.”

Bury your feelings deeper …
The ability to commit treason is one of the main factors leading to it. Here you need to use the avoidance strategy that many of the study participants adhere to: try to banish any thoughts about it from your head and not be alone with it, especially when you drink.

… or let your imagination run wild
Many people have enough fantasies. “When the passion has reached its logical conclusion, it goes away,” one of the participants said regarding fantasies about the subject of her fleeting hobby during masturbation or sex with her husband.

Scientists have discovered one feature in those people for whom a passing passion for a partner negatively affected their relationship: these couples demonized a passion for other people. If you think that your friend will never be attracted to other men, and if they are, then this will certainly lead to treason, you only lay the foundation for a future conflict. Remember that it is natural for her and for you. Just don’t forget why you chose her to spend the rest of your life together, and believe that she does the same.

By Cindy
January 31, 2020

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