4 basic rules for dating a girl online

How to distinguish the real Joan “Kitty” from the gloomy foreman Bob “I love beer”, having fun dating on social networks under the guise of a charming girl?

  • :)))))))))))

As a rule, a woman’s speech is more emotional. And written speech is no exception: the girl uses more adjectives, epithets, comparisons, images and metaphors. Her text is often distinguished by expressive punctuation – an abundance of exclamation marks and dots. Well, and also emoticons, emoticons, emoticons.

  • What do you mean

A woman pays attention to details, a man tends to focus on the essence and not notice particulars. A woman seeks (and finds) subtext. A man perceives words as they are. That is, if the virtual interlocutor does not see all your hints and messages between the lines point-blank – perhaps this is a man. (Or maybe she just didn’t like you.)

  • Inhuman Logic

Letters of a man when dating online are in most cases better structured. In questions and answers, easily traced communication and logic, jumps from topic to topic are rare. From time to time, I come across some abstract, dry reasoning (“nda, if the new Jobs does not appear in Apple, the future of the company will not be as bright as its past”). A man not only notices fewer details during a conversation, he himself seeks to communicate fewer specific details. (But there is a chance that you came across a young lady with male logic. Do not miss!)

  • Sex check

There are topics that can be used as a litmus test. Start a deliberately sexist conversation about gender inequality. If the interlocutor reacts with acute disagreement or condescending arrogance, then most likely the girl is in touch. Hint that there is a point of view that a woman should always look after herself, be well-groomed and slim, and for a man this is not so important. In response, you will hear a lot of interesting things from the girl and calm agreement from the man. But issues of equality in sex, on the contrary, will find a greater emotional response in men than in women.

By Cindy
January 30, 2020

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