5 reasons why women avoid relationships with handsome men

Many girls really try to go around the wide arc of handsome men. And we have 5 reasons for this:

  • Great chance to go crazy with jealousy

But how can one not get off if most of the surrounding women (and a certain part of men) devour our companion with a carnivorous gaze? One has only to turn away – and with our apollonny boyfriend they try to talk, have a drink at the Brudershaft, lure a phone number, etc. Sometimes, by the way, without waiting for us to turn our backs. And this does not so much flatter as it makes you nervous and makes you languish from jealousy. Watching this endless, incessant stream of attention is like slowly frying in a skillet. As one of my friends said: “Dating a handsome man is the shortest way to the clinic of neurosis.”

What can fix the situation: keep absolute calm and react stingy “Thank you, it’s not interesting.”

  • Next to him, we feel like a second-class man

We girls rarely admit it out loud, but actually it is: it is important for us to feel like stars and regal. At least, if not on the scale of the universe (where, besides us, there are Mila Kunis, Beyonce and other Kardashians), then at least within the framework of a couple. And against the backdrop of a handsome man (however, being a girlfriend of Apollo, the girl herself has to play the role of the background) female imperfections become especially convex and fatal. Yes, that’s what the complexes say in us. And who does not have them? And the presence of an overly attractive companion can sometimes provoke the reproduction of “cockroaches” in our heads. “Once in my life, I happened to hear someone whispering behind my back:“ And what did he find in her? Maybe it’s all about money? Or is her parent there “super-packaged”? ”- so that for the rest of her life she will earn a handsome phobia,” my friend shared.

What can fix the situation: do not skimp on compliments to your companion. And it is desirable that they not only whisper in her ear, but also pronounce “to the public.”

  • Appearance may be his only trump card

All of us, to one degree or another, live in captivity of stereotypes. And one of them: the more attractive a person is, the more likely it is that he is a “dummy” inside. “Beautiful men, like peacocks, everything fell into the tail,” my ex-colleague said exactly. And, alas, this is often true. According to my personal statistics, 8 out of 10 beauties are narcissistic spoiled boobs who have nothing behind their appearance, a ringing emptiness. Which is understandable in principle. What is the point of making efforts, plowing, self-improvement, if you are already perfect, and the world itself falls at your feet, should you effectively throw your bangs away?

What can correct the situation: even if you realize the paralyzing power of your smile, due to which, for example, you always get the best table in a restaurant, try less often, and it’s better not to use it at all in front of the girl. The more regularly you exploit your appearance in order to get what you want, the more inevitable the girl will come to the conclusion that in the same way you “earned” your diploma and the position of vice president.

  • And even if his appearance is not his only strength, it will not be easy for us to convince others of this.

The envy of friends, multiplied by stereotypes about “empty-headed handsome men” and close attention to your person, and now an endless stream of comments from “well-wishers” begins to pour into our ears. “Does he even speak? Or just smile? “,” Remember my word: he will leave you at the first opportunity and go to some supermodel! “,” Do not fall in love with him! He will break your heart! ”,“ How did he lose his job and stay with you for a while ?! I knew that he was Alphonse! ”, And so on. Not surprisingly, in the end, the girl decides to hide from the radar, without waiting for the terrible prophecies to come true.

What can correct the situation: women are able to withstand social pressure if they have real arguments in favor of the fact that the public is mistaken. So tell her about yourself. Including, about her doubts, worries, reflections, so that she understands that she is not dealing with a “cover boy,” but with a real person.

  • In sex, such a guy is a complete “zero”

Glaringly attractive men often behave like stars, not only in general in life, but in particular in bed. Moreover, in the literal sense: they will lie down as a starfish and wait for them to be pleased. Combine with the work of art “for show”? Yes, it may be curious. But to regularly visit such a lazy person in bed – thanks, no fools.

What can fix the situation: any “charitable” erotic initiatives on your part. In short, to demonstrate that you can not only take, but also give. And, I beg you, no mirrors in the bedroom! It is worth a woman to notice that in the process of copulation you look at your reflection and get excited from this — all, the situation can no longer be corrected.

I suppose many of you, starting to read this column of mine, thought something in the spirit: “Too handsome? Ha! I would have such problems! ”But, having read it to the end, I hope they understood that the presence of minor flaws in your appearance saves you from many problems in your personal life.
Appearance is not only “bonuses”, but also a great test. And for men, perhaps, even a greater test than for women. If a beautiful girl can to some extent get away with superficiality, carelessness, lack of career ambitions, etc., then the Apollon man (unless, of course, he wants to be considered an Alphonse) will have to work out and pump his male and professional skills. Moreover, it will be necessary to work twice as well – on a common basis, and at the same time also to “work out” the prejudice against handsome men that has developed in society.

By Cindy
January 27, 2020

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