10 signs that the first date failed

How do women let you know that they are not interesting to you?

  • She was not nervous

Not to be confused with carefully concealed excitement, which is still noticeable. The first date, whatever one may say, is stress for both sides. Even if you meet with a hereditary beauty queen, she is still, at least a little, but worried that she will not like you (who knows, suddenly you have poor eyesight). Calmness is usually a symptom of indifference. She doesn’t care whether you find her attractive with dill stuck between her teeth or not, because, apparently, she does not plan to see you again.

  • She rarely looked into your eyes

Science does not stand still: pundits map the human genome, space liners plow the expanses of the universe. And for women, like three hundred years ago, the epicenter of coquetry is in the look. And the more actively the girl plays and sparkles with her eyes, the better. If she doesn’t do this, moreover, she avoids looking at you all evening, sits staring at the plate, the TV screen at the bar or at the waiter’s elastic ass — this is a meeting, remember my word, it will be the first and only one.

  • The distance between you is not reduced by a centimeter

The more experienced the girl, the more unobtrusive and graceful she will reduce the distance: sitting opposite the table, lean forward so that you can examine the contents of her neckline; supposedly accidentally touching your hand; remove non-existent dust particles from the shoulder, etc. If there is not a hint of reducing the distance and making at least some tactile contact, it’s definitely rubbish, and you shouldn’t deceive yourself, thinking that your companion was simply paralyzed with delight at the sight of your tie with the Simpsons.

  • She didn’t take her phone off her hands.

Answered calls, sent messages, leafed through FB. A great reason to tell you, without waiting for the end of a hopeless date: “Guy, the next video with a sneezing panda is much more interesting to me than you and your perfectly trimmed nails.”

  • The conversation kept slipping

The awkward pauses became longer, your jokes became simpler, and she didn’t even try to give you a saving straw in the form of some heartbreaking story. It is possible that she is sadistically watching your helpless attempts to breathe life into a conversation that has already passed away thirty minutes later.

  • She did not try to find common ground

The girl’s desire to detect and note the similarity, if there was such a thing, even in the most insignificant and trifling aspects (“Oh, cool, but I also have an allergy to broccoli,” “Do you really like Aerosmith ?!”) – nothing more than recognition system “friend or foe” in action. An interested girl will struggle to make you a little more “her”. And vice versa, disinterested – will ignore your symmetry of views and tastes, no matter how talented you are to whistle the hit song of her favorite band.

  • She mentioned her ex

The fact that this is a taboo, especially on the first date, is now being told, in my opinion, back in elementary school. Apparently, a girl who deliberately violates the unspoken unwritten etiquette of etiquette is either not interested in continuing to communicate, or is not as vacant as she (and perhaps herself) thinks.

  • She refused to continue

No, she doesn’t want to drink coffee in any other place, to walk in the park, or to listen to once again the fascinating story about how you lost your little finger on your right foot. And this, frankly, is shitty. This is how a person works: if something gives joy, we unconsciously try to prolong the pleasure. When you were given ethically acceptable 1.5 hours of time and not a minute more, apparently, the meeting failed.

  • She had other plans.

Moreover, she does not think to hide that after your date she will go to a club with colleagues, to a concert with friends or to a meeting. The verdict is clear: not hooked. And, on the contrary, there is no higher assessment than a date when a girl admits that she was going to meet her friend, but, perhaps, she will cancel it. Here you can give the mental five to yourself.

  • You quickly said goodbye

Yes, of course it is important how easy you talked all evening and how many of your jokes she was truly happy. But even more important is the moment of farewell, which, in a positive set of circumstances, is secretly decided to drag out. All these stupid conversations in a taxi, awkward shuffling from foot to foot at the entrance, eloquent pauses and glances – from the outside, may look awkward, but in fact it is a good symptom. And on the contrary, if a girl, saying that she leaves, takes and leaves, do not flatter yourself at her expense.

By Cindy
January 26, 2020

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